10 Fun Games to Play on the Beach

When the sun shines on the top and the weather becomes warmer, we end up going into the beach for a chill pill. To make your beach experience more pleasing, here we list out 10 fun games that you can play on the beach.

i) Spikeball :

This game is easy to carry and much similar to volleyball. You can think it as a conjugal child of both volleyball and foursquare. And the fun part is, you can play it in many ways. It is also easy to assemble; you just need to attach the net with the plastic clips tightly to make it live. You may doubt whether it is bouncy enough or not, but be assured, it will amaze you.

ii) Bucketball:

You may have seen the video where David Beckham shows his skill by placing a football under a bucket (placed far away) with his precise measurement and god gifted leg. Yes, the game is known as bucketball. It literally needs nothing except a bucket and a ball. Next time, when you go to a beach, carry this with you and it will not upset you for sure.

iii) Cycling:

This one will surely add extra fun to your bicycling experience. Cruiser bicycles are the same as normal bicycles, but they have balloon tires and upright seating position. You can get both men’s and women’s cruiser bicycles in the market. You can even check the internet to search for the best beach cruiser bikes with gears.

iv)Mini golf:

Mini golf is another game ideal for the beach environment.  It is also very easy to carry and requires only a few balls and a set of clubs. After reaching your favorite seaside destination, dig some holes in the sands, harness your aim, and start playing mini-golf.

v) Beach bowling:

It is also a super easy game that you can play on the beach. Set up your target with some empty bottles and carry a few balls and plastic pins. You know what the best part here; there’s no need to rent shoes to enter the bowling arena or pay fees to play bowling. You can play as long as you want, no one gonna stops you.

vi) Beach volleyball:

Whether you visit with your family or friends, this game is kinda compulsory for every mood and every age. Children can even play it without any real net and you can use a towel to serve the purpose of a net.  For this game, you need nothing except a volleyball and a net. And if you feel carrying net can be troublesome, you can start playing this game only with the volleyball because there is no referee to foul you.

vii) Beach tug of war:

Tug of war becomes funnier when you play it on a beach. You will slip, glide, and fall in the sand but possibly do not leave the game until you become totally exhausted. The game requires an only rope. And you do not manage any rope, no problem. You can also use a towel or a skipping rope, and there will be no fun less.

viii) Frisbee:

Along with a good buzz over the internet, a Frisbee can assure you some charming time on the beach. The plastic used in Frisbee is lightweight. So, when you throw it, they will go straight and real far. Moreover, you can play it on water also as it floats on water.

ix) Waterproof playing cards:

Who says you cannot play cards on the beach? With waterproof cards, you can even play card games while floating on the water.

x) Ring toss set:

While playing ring toss set on a beach, it will make you remember your childhood memories. This gaming set is easy to carry. The pegs are color-coded and each ring comes with a matching bead. It has a sturdy base and there are points written on the base for scoring.

So, on your next seaside trip, do not forget to choose one or more game from the given list.

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