Striking 7 Arm Candelabra to Make Your Home Gorgeous During the Festivals

Jewish festivals are incomplete without the presence of silver candelabra. Staring from 3 to 7 arm silver candelabra, the online websites are filled with numerous options from where you can choose one. The latest collections of these artifacts are sure to make any festivals at your home become extra special with its charming and gorgeous effects. You may even pass this as an heirloom to your next generation if it is maintained properly. So, let’s check the different designs in candelabra from which you can select the most attractive one for your home.

The filigree collection

The Filigree collection pays a tribute to the unique Jewish art of Yemen that it is. It integrates the ancient knowledge of craftsmanship in the creation of silver threads artistically, thereby forming magnificent piece of these striking candelabra. This particular collection has a wide range of silver candelabras having a smooth finish and minute details. Moreover, they can be designed according to your choice thereby making it more special.

Begale collections

The beagle collection reflects the true sophistication due to its elegance design carved on the body of the candelabra. These 7 branched candelabra are a masterpiece of Judaica due to its rich engravings on it. Moreover, the striking balance of simplicity is another factor that has made it one of the popular choices among the customers. You can pair this beautiful piece of artefact with a silver tray that will lit up any festival that you are celebrating.

Bagatel candelabra collection

This particular collection has a wide range of designs that would add a tinge of artistic aura in the space where you will keep the candelabra. The classy collection has designs that are crafted with years of skilfulness of the craftsmen and reflects the true passion in creating such masterpiece. The striking characteristic of this collection is the square foundation which is topped by a circular base. The seven branches which come upwards create grandiosity in the area where you will keep it.

Now, as you can select the best design of candelabra that will suit your taste, have a look at the impressive history of these artefacts in the Jewish culture.

History of candelabra

The origin of candelabra dates back to 400 BC where candles need to be displayed in a proper manner. It used to be made up of many metals including silver, gold, brass, copper, and silver. Not more than 200 years back did the silver candelabra became popular in lighting up as well as decorating the dining table area of a room. In Jewish culture, this particular artefact is called menorah and is a traditional symbol of their religion. It was used in the ancient temple of Jews and now no festival is complete without candelabra.

Well, as you have got a fair idea about this 7 arm silver candelabras, get a striking one for your home which you can use for years to come. You can always use a best candelabrum to show your subtle taste in art and decorate your home.

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