4 Creative Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Space

Reinventing your outdoor living space is a great way to add space, spend time outdoors, and make your home look beautiful from the outside, creating an impressive first impression and increasing the value of your home. Moreover, it expands your living space, enabling you to spend time away from technology and artificial environment to get fresh air and feel close to nature. 

As per Business Insider, outdoor experiences help fight depression and anxiety, enhance cognitive function and memory, and more. Given this reason, many American households prefer investing in outdoor living spaces, which increased primarily during and after COVID-19. A 2021 Outdoor Living Report by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens found that 82% more US homeowners are interested in updating their outdoor living space than before the pandemic. Another Trend Report in the same year found that 99% of Americans agree that outdoor living space is more valuable than ever, while 78% made outdoor improvements during the pandemic. 

The increased demand to alleviate outdoor living space calls for creative ideas to personalize the outdoor experience. Let’s look at some popular trends and ideas to customize your space. 

1. Install Decks

Installing decks is a popular choice among US households, with 75,000 single-family units with decks and porches installed in 2021, as per Statistica. Meanwhile, 330,000 new houses in the same year came with a porch, patio, and deck, making it a leading outdoor feature. 

If you’re planning to install a deck or replace your old one, you can find Deck Replacement services online. But ensure to approach a customer-focused professional deck expert with a comprehensive selection of designs, materials, and instruments to work with. 

Decks are a great addition to a home’s outdoor living since they expand the living space and are multipurpose. You can install a barbecue grill on the deck or use it as a place to eat and hang out. You can also add further modifications, including a roof or a shade, or install an umbrella table if you reside in an area of heavy rainfalls. 

2. Landscaping 

There are so many creative ideas for landscaping. It’s the perfect place to grow vegetation, fruits, flowers, herbs, and trees. You can also use the garden waste to make compost and create a sustainable landscape. 

Planting herbs in an herb garden is one of the best and most cost-efficient ways to get a plentiful supply of herbs since they can be expensive when bought in bulk from the market. Moreover, they are easy to grow. You can plant basil, rosemary, mint, and parsley and use them to garnish everyday dishes. Once you get a grip on producing these, you can grow more herbs. 

Another creative way to grow plants in a small yard is to use pots or homemade planters and hang them. You can use hanging trays or paint a vertical board planter to add color and freshness while utilizing space. 

You can further beautify your landscape by adding outdoor lights, stone walkways, or a fountain. Adding wind chimes and garden statues can create a welcoming impression for visitors. 

3. Create Outdoor Cooking Spaces

According to consumer research by Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA), 70% of US households own at least one grill, smoker, or barbecue pit, the highest the industry has ever seen. Consequently, there has been an increase in the sale of grills and smokers, reaching 21 million as of July 2020. 

Indulging in outdoor cooking is an incredible way to host social events and barbecue parties. Open spaces provide more space to welcome a large group and minimize the chances of heat, smoke, and suffocation instead of cooking in the kitchen. You can barbecue and grill various dishes outdoors without triggering the smoke alarm. 

Many US households also install a fire pit in an open area to simplify cooking. It’s perfect for bonfires during winter and indulging in conversations with family and friends. 

During summers, you can install a tiki hut and an ice cooler to store ice-cold drinks. You can also install a full-fledged bar and stock it with drinks and snacks whenever you want to hang out outdoors. 

4. Build an Area for Kids

Outdoor play area for kids is the best way to encourage them to indulge in physical activities instead of being cooped up inside and staring at screens all day, limiting their cognitive function and making them lazy. 

Building an outdoor space dedicated to kids is the best and most cost-efficient way to get them moving daily. Moreover, research indicates that kids who feel closer to nature learn more and exhibit increased engagement, imagination, and cooperation compared to artificial environments. 

You can build a tree house, doll house, a play house or install slides, kiddie pools, or other things they enjoy the most according to their ages. It also helps develop bonding among siblings if they spend enough time playing together.

You will find many easy options and DIYs, including a trampoline, pre-fabricated teepees, custom-built playhouses, and easy installation swings. However, keep the available space in mind when installing anything. Make sure that you install the swings in an open area. Alternatively, you can get hanging chairs and swinging benches that easily fit in small spaces. 

Getting an inflatable kiddie pool is the best way for children to spend their summer holidays. You can also get portable water slides, tables, or other engaging equipment to keep the kids busy and happy. 


As outdoor living spaces in US households gain popularity, it only makes sense to alleviate your outdoor space. You can install decks, patios, or porches and use them for various purposes. Ensure to find reliable and professional contractors in your area.

Landscaping is an incredible way to encourage healthy eating and save grocery bills on fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You can also add walkways, flowers, garden lights, fountains, and statues to make it warm and welcoming. Indulging in outdoor cooking is perfect for socializing and enjoying the great outdoors. Lastly, build a dedicated area for kids to play and have fun. It’ll encourage physical activity and enhance cognitive function.

Srima Khara
Srima Khara
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