5 Amazing Coins to Add to Your Collection

Investing in gold coins can be very difficult for beginners and more experienced investors. The value of gold goes up and down daily, making it easy for an uninformed investor to lose their money.

Regardless of the currency or the denomination of the coin, the amount of uncontaminated gold in each coin also plays a role in determining its value. Choosing the right coins to put your money behind is one of the best ways to secure your investment. Although the more valuable coins tend to be rare, you may still be able to find some at a reasonable price without compromising on their purity. Here are five coins you can begin with for a stable and well-performing portfolio.

1. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The Royal Canadian Mint has produced these coins since 1979. They contain 24 karats of 0.9999 pure gold and are among the most popular with all kinds of collectors. On the front of the coin is an image of Queen Elizabeth II, the year of issue and the value of the coin. On the back is an image of a maple leaf, owing to its Canadian heritage. The purity, as well as the mass of the gold within the coin is indicated on its sides.

2. The American Gold Eagle

This is the official legal tender for gold coins for sale in the United States of America. They are produced by the United States Mint beginning in 1986 and are a very popular investment both within the USA and worldwide. Each is 22 karats of gold coin with 0.9167 gold as its fineness. The remaining metals are an alloy of silver and copper, making their total weight slightly more than one ounce.

3. The British Gold Britannia

The Royal Mint of Britain first produced this coin in 1817 and officially launched the one-ounce version in 1987. Each one contains one ounce of 24 karat, 999.9 fine gold. They are legal tender as well as backed by the UK treasury. This means that you can use them as cash or store them for the purpose of investing.

The Gold Britannia is a well-known and trusted coin internationally. This makes it a popular choice to add to your collection either as a singular coin or if you decide to buy them in bulk.

4. The South African Krugerrand

The Krugerrand originates from South Africa and is widely considered to be the first modern bullion investment gold coin. The South African Mint began mass-producing them in 1967 to help investors have an easier time trading them. Because of this, more than 50 million coins exist, and they are traded worldwide. The ease with which you can come across such a coin makes them a very attractive option for collectors because they are also priced competitively and easy to buy and sell.

5. The Australian Gold Kangaroo

The Perth Mint in Western produces this coin and began in 1987, originally naming it the Australian Gold Nugget. This is because the early editions of the coin featured an image of the largest gold nugget which was found in Australia in 1869. Since then, however, later editions of the coin bear differently styled images of the kangaroo, Australia’s national animal.

Invest In Gold Bullion Today

Gold coins are some of the oldest materials used to represent value and currency. You can find a large array of gold coins for sale using an online bureau, making buying more convenient than it may seem initially. The fact that it is physical in nature makes it easy to use for trade, while its beauty makes it a must-have for all collectors. Invest in gold and secure your future today.

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