5 Reasons to Visit Thailand

Thailand seems to be of those places that never goes out of style. Whether it is for backpackers, school trips, honeymooners, history aficionados, or even families, these islands hold a certain draw that other places just can’t match up to. Bright sands, warm people, eclectic cuisine, stunning suites, and more mean there is something for everyone. If you need some convincing, here are five undeniable reasons to make Thailand your next adventure.

Being Welcomed By the Friendly Locals

Have you ever heard of Thailand being called ‘The Land of Smiles’? Well, this nickname is actually quite well-known and it is all thanks to the local Thai people. Unlike some major tourist places in the world, the locals actually embrace tourism in their midst. There are smiles everywhere and a general sense of peace spread around the islands that is definitely infectious.

Finding a Culture Fix with Thai Temples

The temples are worth a visit regardless of whether you are visiting for the culture or not. Plan a day trip to the Temple of Truth or find your way to the Temple of a Thousand Bottles and discover what these places of history, religion, and culture will do for your mind and soul.

Experiencing the Amazing Accommodation Options

There are plenty of unforgettable accommodations here with a handful of less than legitimate dwellings too. That is why booking with a renowned company like Thailand Retreats is the easiest way to guarantee both safety, comfort and even luxury during your visit. Whether you opt for a villa experience or something more casual, the quality and service will blow you away.  That is why Thailand is the perfect spot for so many adventures, regardless of the reason for visiting.

Meeting Some Sacred Elephants

It is no secret that elephants are revered as sacred animals in all of Thailand. They are the animals that guard the all-important Buddha, a symbol of great stance in Thai culture. It is this reason, plus many others, that has led the elephant to become the national animal of the islands. So, they are greatly respected here, and you will find them all over in parks and sanctuaries. Here, they are well looked after, and travelers are permitted to visit and interact with the animals through guided experiences. A unique experience to say the least!

Stepping Foot on the Sands

Thailand and all its islands are home to some of the world’s most breathtaking, unforgettable beaches. These beaches are often thriving tourist spots, but there are some peaceful hidden gems too, such as Koh Yao and Koh Kradon. When you throw in an amazing climate with a white, sandy beach, it feels like the perfect formula for a large demographic of tourists. Some of the sands have rich history too, and you can always find a local willing to share a story or three. Thailand is just one of those places that has it all. Beautiful scenery, an astounding collection of historical hotspots, and islanders ready to embrace you with hospitality and open arms. There is something for every type of traveler, and it is not a big surprise that Thailand remains one of the most popular places to travel to and around, in the world.

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