5 Ways to Grow Your Personal Training Business

Do you currently operate a personal training business? Are you searching for methods to successfully grow what you currently have? If so, you have landed on the right article. To set you on the right path towards expansion, here are five effective ways to grow your personal training business.

1. Get the right certification

First of all, you have to acquire the right certification for your personal training business. You should know that if you’re already up and running. Of course, there are various certifications available, depending on the type of training you provide. If you want to provide strength and conditioning, for instance, you’ll need a Strength and Conditioning Certificate.

This type of certification is important for one big reason: it provides your clients with confidence that you know what you’re doing. It demonstrates you have the knowledge and skills necessary to help them to produce the results they desire.

2. Fit a niche

When searching for ways to grow your personal training business, your first thought is unlikely to be to reduce potential customers by targeting a specific niche. However, it is often a great way to attract more attention for your company.

Think about it. Personal training is often a saturated market. Your local area will be packed with other trainers advertising their services. As a result, it can be difficult to stand out from the competition. By targeting a niche, there are instantly fewer competitors to worry about.

In terms of specializing, here are some examples:

  • Cross trainers
  • Bodybuilders
  • Senior citizens
  • Those seeking to lose weight
  • Business professionals
  • Physically impaired

3. Build a website

Professionalism is the key when running a personal training business. If you’re only using a Facebook business page or Instagram account, it’s time to change that right now. A personal website supplies a professional appearance that impresses potential clients.

It’s not only about appearances, either. Your website is an excellent marketing tool. It’s a hub where you can include all of your business information. You are able to accept bookings through your site. You can also focus on search engine optimization (SEO) to grab local organic traffic.

4. Step up your marketing efforts

Aside from SEO, there are many avenues available to market your personal training business. These options include social media, PPC ads, and email marketing. While each one can be productive for promoting your business, it’s important you commit to these the right way – otherwise, you’ll simply be wasting your marketing budget.

5. Push for reviews

Reviews are social proof. They demonstrate to the curious that, yes, your business is one that delivers the goods. Due to this, it’s more likely people will sign up for the services you have to offer.

Trying to acquire reviews might seem tricky. However, there are various approaches you can take to entice people into leaving a positive testimonial. One way is to simply send out an email blast to previous customers, letting them know how valuable their reviews are for your fledgling personal training business.

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