6 Tips for Hiring Reliable and Quality Movers In 2023

Let’s face it, millions of people worldwide move each year. According to the US census data, approximately 8.4% US citizens moved in 2021, around 28 million Americans. Among them, 4.87 million made interstate moves. The reasons vary from state to state and city to city. For instance, in 2021, Maryland witnessed 41% leaving for employment prospects, 26% due to retirement, and 19% left due to familial reasons. 

While most moves go smoothly, things don’t go as planned in other instances. 

Have you planned to seek help from professional movers so they can mitigate some of the stress off your shoulder? That’s great – but you need to hire quality movers for this. Besides, with the moving industry booming these days, it’s hard to differentiate between quality and shoddy movers. As a result, you may be anxious when hiring a moving company. You may be skeptical, like what if they disappear after loading your belongings into a truck, charge you unfairly, or damage your goods in the process? 

Fortunately, you can save yourself from such scenarios with proper preparation and research. So, read the tips carefully to hire the right movers for your next move:

1. Examine the services

Determining your needs is always a good idea before contacting or researching the movers. Then, look for the movers that best align with your needs.

Some people hire movers for moving day tasks. However, many moving companies offer other services, too. These services may include packing, long-term and short-term storage options, etc. So, determining your needs is the first step in narrowing your options and streamlining the moving process.

Let’s assume you’re also one of those leaving Maryland for employment opportunities or family reasons. While Maryland is experiencing an influx of people, with 56% who moved to the city for jobs in 2021, the rate of people leaving is also steady. If you’re relocating for the first time, ensuring a smooth move requires approaching the right movers. So, hire reputable movers that offer all the services you need to move out swiftly. For this purpose, look up best movers in Maryland near me, and you will find the best reliable movers that ensure you have a hassle-free moving experience. 

2. Seek Recommendations

Reliable recommendations and references are an excellent way to determine a company’s credibility. 

So, ask around your circle – perhaps your friends, family, work colleagues, or neighbors, whether they can recommend someone they have worked with. When they have first-hand experience, they are most likely to give you honest reviews. Moreover, if your moving needs are similar to theirs, their recommendations can be helpful. But are you unable to get any recommendations from your close circle? No worries, look for online reviews.

Another way is to ask the shortlisted companies to provide you with at least three references. It might be a red flag if a company seems reluctant to give you references. However, when you get past customer references from the company, you must call them and ask them to share their experience. 

3. Get Multiple Estimates

While you have determined your needs, what about your budget? You need to assess your budget and then look for estimates. When you know how much you can spend, it’ll be easier to compare the quotes. 

A best practice is to get quotes from at least three to four companies and compare them before making the final decision. However, never take estimates on phone calls or over any verbal communication. After all, how can you verify something that’s not written? Instead, a better idea is to invite the consultant to visit your house, see the belongings, and then determine how much it will take to transport them. 

Another thing you need to be wary of when taking quotes is whether the company offers binding estimates or non-binding. Lastly, do not hire movers offering extremely low quotes; they may be a scam.

4. Avoid Signing A Blank Contract

When hiring movers, be sure to get everything in writing. Reputable movers will always issue a legal contract. The contract is legally binding between you and your hired moving company. The contract must include the company’s estimate, additional charges, services provided, insurance covered, and everything else. In addition, your name, address, pickup, and delivery dates should also be in the contract.

Before signing the contract, understand and review it properly. Is there something that seems unclear to you? Or if you have any concerns regarding the terms and conditions, don’t shy from asking for clarifications or changes before signing. Keep in mind not to ever sign a blank contract.

Moreover, make a copy of the contract and have it with you. If something goes south, this contract copy will help in your case. 

5. Movers With Name Switches Are a Big NO

It would be best to stay vigilant when hiring movers and check whether the company frequently changes its name. 

Companies usually resort to name-switching because they have poor reputations. For instance, they may have several unresolved complaints or bad reviews or face legal issues due to unethical practices. Because of all of this, shoddy companies change their names. This way, they fool potential clients into thinking they are reliable. If you hire a company like this, you may face different issues, such as loss or damage to your possessions, hidden additional costs, etc.

So, conduct thorough research before making a decision. A legitimate moving company will have a permanent local address and a working phone number.

6. See Insurance And License

Finally, the last tip when hiring movers is to ensure they have a state license and carry appropriate insurance coverage. 

One best way to check whether the company’s license is up-to-date is by asking the company for the DOT (Department of Transportation) number and seeing their updated information.

Moreover, when moving companies transport your goods, they are legally responsible for the value of goods on your behalf. However, moving companies offer different levels of liability to their customers, and each of them comes with their fees. Therefore, it is better to understand these levels. 

In summary, full (replacement) value protection offers complete coverage for your possessions. On the other hand, an alternative level of liability provides the least coverage for your belongings at no extra expense.

Key takeaways

Moving is an exciting yet stressful project. But it won’t be stressful when you have the right team of movers tackling it. The key to a successful move is hiring quality movers with expertise in carefully handling your precious belongings.

It is relevant to note that quality movers aren’t only defined by their years of experience helping people move home. Instead, they must have other traits, too, such as excellent packing prowess, exceptional risk management skills, keen attention to detail, etc. So, take your sweet time researching, follow the tips above, and you will find trustworthy movers.

Subhajit Khara is an Electronics & Communication engineer who has found his passion in the world of writing. With a background in technology and a knack for creativity, he has become a proficient content writer and blogger. His expertise lies in crafting engaging articles on a variety of topics, including tech, lifestyle, and home decoration.

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