Best Places to Buy a Home in the Northern Beaches

Sydney’s Northern Beaches can give you an entirely different experience from the rest of the city. The weather makes the region a paradise for the residents. Moreover, Northern Beaches has a streak of well-known surfing beaches. This is a wonderful lifestyle destination for you if you love to live by the waves.

Northern Beaches offer an excellent place for families. It is not too inexpensive, and the employment and wages are on the higher side, too. Besides, the options of real estate in Northern Beaches are lavish, comfortable, and modern.

With loads of spectacular beaches, schools, work opportunities, light-hearted and relaxed people, it won’t be hard for you to guess why people are crazy about buying a home in this region of Sydney. Let’s look at some of the suburbs of Northern Beaches below.


One of the most well-known suburbs and liveable areas of the Northern Beaches is Manly. It looks alike paradise if you love the beach, open spaces, and decent tree cover. 

Speaking of housing, you can mainly find high-rise and low-rise apartments in Manly. Some houses are general brick structures, while other houses around the beach are high-end and modern. You can find quaint Victorian-style cottages, duplexes, and larger two-story houses in Manly’s northern region.


Queenscliff has taken its name from the honourable Queen Victoria. The name suits well to the location as Queenscliff is the most highly looked-for place in Northern Beaches. You can find refined options and choose the one that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Though the peak-hour traffic might be a chore, the splendid ocean views, wide-open spaces, and beautiful beaches make up for the regular walk to the office. Moreover, you can take public transport buses to go to your favourite beach, and after a long day, you can unwind in the cafes and soak up the vibrant culture.


Freshwater is popular for being the origin of the Australian surfing culture. It has preserved its distinct relaxed beachside vibes and has become a preferred hotspot of real estate in Northern Beaches. People live in this suburb mainly for its buses and beaches.

Moreover, the region is a good pick for you for its cafes, culture and restaurants, topographic variation, water views, and schools.


Balgowlah includes everything that the Northern Beaches is known for, including spectacular scenery, beautiful tree-lined streets, and a tranquil, family-friendly atmosphere.  

A centre for families, Balgowlah is highly desirable for schools, a vibrant community spirit, and the region is home to luxurious green spaces and sporting fields. Here you can buy any property, like a house, townhouse, villa, apartment, flat, studio, duplex, and so on.  


Davidson is a portion of the forest district; it is one of the most liveable and tiniest suburbs in the Northern Beaches. You can consider buying your home here because it has tree cover, open spaces, a low crime rate, and topographical variation.

Investing in the real estate in Northern Beaches would not be a wrong move with such lucrative locations. You can find a property to fit every budget in the area. Moreover, if you wish to move away from the bustle, noise, and urban spread, it is the perfect place to call home.

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