Bulk Text Messaging: How to Get the Most Out of Your SMS Campaigns

SMS is the most current and innovative way to advertise your business and your products or goods. It allows you to reach more people and grow your business with a cost-effective solution that fits any budget. If you want to get the most out of your SMS campaigns, there are a few key tips to follow to ensure your efforts are fruitful.

Always Introduce Yourself

Make it a point to introduce yourself when sending the first message to ensure the recipient is aware of who you are; otherwise, they’re more likely to report your messages as spam. No one is open to receiving text messages from unknown numbers, making it critical to announce who you are from the start. Although you don’t need to spend several sentences explaining who you are, it’s important to explain who you are and why you’re reaching out. All you need to include is your name and business.

Make it Short and Sweet

It can be easy to lose the attention of your customers if you send long-winded text that exceeds 160 characters. Most people receive multiple text messages throughout the day and don’t have the time or attention span to read several paragraphs about what you’re trying to sell. You’re a lot more likely to prompt them to listen to what you have to say if you keep the text concise and easy to read.

Although this may make you include abbreviations to communicate all you’re trying to say, it’s important to avoid using ‘ASAP’ or ‘TTYL,’ which can be confusing for some people to understand if they’re not familiar with them.

There should also be a clear purpose with every text message you send out; otherwise, your recipients will feel like they’re getting spammed and will be less likely to continue receiving messages.

Creating concise text messages also involves shortening your URLs. They should have a maximum of 160 characters; otherwise, your text will appear cluttered and difficult to read.

Create Value

Your messages should have value if you want your customers to continue reading them. If you have nothing of value or to offer the reader, you can expect to lose a subscriber. The information always needs to be relevant and should inform the reader of news, discounts, or something that is a gift to them.

Keep it Interesting

If your subscribers feel like yawning when they read your messages, then you can expect to lose a fan. Your messages should be just as interesting as your web copy or website content to ensure it engages the reader and keeps them coming back for more Bulk text messaging provides you with the opportunity to entertain your audience and maintain a long-term relationship with them as they remain loyal to your brand. Consider making your voice and tone conversational and friendly, which will make them feel like a real person is talking directly to them. You can even add a joke or include something relevant to the news or season to ensure you get a better response from consumers.

Remain Mindful of the Time

You should also consider the time of day that the texts are sent out with each time zone to ensure your message isn’t delivered in the middle of the night, which will quickly turn off your followers when they wake up from the ping on their phone. You should also avoid sending the message during the day when the recipients are working and are less likely to check their messages. Consider sending text messages during their time off, especially on the weekends when they’re more likely to be spending time on their phones. This will also allow you to appear more professional and get higher responses during the week.

Knowing how to get the most use of bulk text messaging and have it work in your favor will allow it to become a useful way of marketing to your customers without making them feel bombarded with ads or salesy pitches. You’ll have the ability to reach more people without spending time manually sending out messages, which can increase your sales and allow you to have a broader reach in the industry.

Lisa Alther
Lisa Alther
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