Facts About Rio Carnival Brazil

The Rio Carnival Brazil is held every year during the month of February and is considered the biggest carnival in the world with a large crowd numbered in millions everyday on the streets. The festival is known to be started in 1723 first time.

The festivals highlight is the carnival Brazil parade which has floats, and adornments from various Samba schools that are located in Rio. A samba school is formed as an association of some local neighbours who are willing to attend the carnival together; they usually have something in common which could be based on some kind of regional or geographical background. There is a competition among all the schools and each school prepares its best to win the competition as they have to follow a special order in order to get entry to the carnival parade.

The festival in Brazil is known to attract people from worldwide. The festival is full of colors and festivities. One gets to see colour full costumes and fun dance moves.The whole town is drowned in the festive mood and the tourists all over the world enjoy it and pour from every part of the world to witness this carnival.

Though the Rio Carnival is so famous that everybody knows about it yet there are few facts about the carnival which may not be known to everyone.

Here we are talking about those facts about Rio carnival Brazil

1.The origin of the Rio carnival can be dated back to the 18th century. The festival is known to be Introduced by the immigrants from Portugal to Brazil who are called the Entrudo, the festival was celebrated by the high spirited crowds who threw lime-scented water on one- another. The festival was celebrated by the people from common strata usually the working class.

2.Tonnes of liters of beer are consumed during the carnival It is no secret that the people from Brazil are big beer lovers.

3.The Carnival commences on the Friday and the mayor of Rio hands over the keys to the city to King Momo, who is believed to lead the whole festivities. Known to be a mythical figure  currently is represented by a fat jolly man who entertains people like a clown.

4.There is an enormous economic progression because of the festival during this time as the numbers suggest Brazil is said to have welcomed nearly a million tourists to the city during the carnival, who usually spend millions of dollars. The hotels and restaurants are benefitted by large during the times pf the festival.

5.The biggest attraction of the carnival is when the city’s top samba schools participate and compete at the samboromo with amazing parades of floats that includes thousands of dancers. Their performance last for an hour each, and is done until dawn.

6.The carnival is always held 40 days prior to the easter. And it is 7 day long celebration officially though unofficially the whole month goes by in the festive mood and the people can be seen enjoying the carnival and its celebrations even goes on after it is officially over.

7.The people who take part in the parades are mostly from the slums of the city. They practice for months and make their costumes and floats by putting effort throughout the year. The whole city is divided into different zones and each zone has their own samba school and they all enthusiastically compete against each-other in the carnival.

8. The competition among different Samba schools is held at the Sambodromoes and they are judged on different basis such as their costumes, dance, floats and music. Since the competition holds great importance among the local people and for the tourists a large number of amount is spent on the preparation for the competition. The outfits are pretty colourful and attractive and needs a lot of effort and investment.

Rio City is known to celebrate many festivals throughout the year but the Rio Carnival Brazil is undoubtedly the best amongst the best of them all. The city is a host to lot many other festivals as well but it is during the times of Rio Carnival the city comes to its full colors and the streets are full of tourists and locals who are enjoying the festivities without any distinction between a local and a foreigner and wait for the festival eagerly to be a part of the festivities.

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