Flavored Coffee May Be Fancy, but it is Not Specialty Coffee

People often refer to the coffee shop for their specialty coffee. But one misconception is that it means different flavors. So, when you order a macchiato or Frappuccino, it does not necessarily mean that you are already drinking specialty coffee.

This may be true for a fancy coffee but not specialty coffee like you would when you order online from Campos Coffee.

According to data, the coffee shop industry in the United States was worth $47.5 billion in 2019. You cannot take away the credit from these companies for the way they market their products. Even today, people associate the coffee shop as a specialty coffee. 

But industry experts and coffee enthusiasts know better.

Here are some ways why flavored coffee from most coffee shops is not specialty coffee:

The brand is more important than the cup

The average person will know the difference right away when they go to a small pop-and-mom store that sells specialty coffee and compares that cup to their favorite coffee shop. But the coffee shop sells the experience. So, you have free Wi-Fi, a comfortable place to hang out with friends and colleagues, or a corner to do your work. You go to coffee shops to be seen. It is also the reason merchandise branding contributes a significant amount to their annual revenues.

They are always innovating about flavors but forget the regular one

When you order a cup of black coffee, you will find that it is bland and flavorless. Some people mask the flavor with milk or cream because they want a shot of their caffeine more than anything else. For instance, you can sample the products from Campos Coffee, which only sells specialty coffee, and discover the difference.

They thrive on familiarity

Giant retail chains have thousands of branches worldwide. It is similar to McDonald’s. When you are vacationing in a strange land and not keen on sampling the local food or coffee, familiarity provides a sense of comfort.

Some of these coffee shops have not made their primary goal a secret. They want to be known as the third place, after your home and office. To do this, they invest a lot of money throughout the years and successfully ingrained their brands into most people’s consciousness about their relevance.

However, do not mistake flavored coffee for specialty coffee. For one, it orders commodity beans because it is cheaper. Whole beans will typically last from six to nine months before slowly losing its flavor and potency. However, if you put them in an airtight environment, they can still be used three years past the expiration date.

A case in point, Italians are known for their espressos. Do you know how many coffee shops sell flavored coffee in Italy? Not a lot. That is because Italians would probably laugh at the gimmicks of some of these coffee shops, especially their dubious pasta menu and espressos.

In contrast, specialty coffee is advocacy–a microcosm of an entire industry. From the farmers, buyers, roasters, and distributors, everybody is buying into the concept of delivering premium quality products. They are selling to a niche market, so packaging comes second.

However, nobody is telling you to stop going to your favorite spot. The article is meant to disabuse the minds of some people that not all coffee shops are specialty coffee stores.

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