Getting Married – Compelling Reasons to Choose Thailand

If you have found your soulmate and you both want to make it an official union, an unforgettable experience that you will both cherish forever, Thailand is the perfect backdrop. We all want to get married in an exotic location and here are a few compelling reasons to get married in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

  • Romantic tropical climate – There is no better place to make your vows than the lush tropical paradise that is Thailand; the exclusive Sriracha Banquet Room is the perfect venue! A 5-star beach hotel with all the facilities you would expect in such an establishment. You could even arrange a beach wedding, we’re sure you wouldn’t be the first couple to pledge their love on the beach.
  • The best honeymoon destination – By combining the ceremony and reception with your honeymoon, you save money. You could spend a couple of days in the wedding hotel, then take a look at the northern part of the country, where stunning mountains and the Golden Triangle await! Go hiking with your new bride and make some amazing memories in this beautiful part of Southeast Asia, or if you prefer, spend a couple of weeks on one of the islands in the south.
  • Affordable packages – If you can choose low-season, prices are significantly lower and if you book the venue early, you can strike up a deal! There are many luxury resorts and hotels and they can be very competitive, they view weddings as a speciality. Start with a Google search for top wedding venues in Sriracha and view the stunning locations and services, then you can make a booking to secure the date. Click here for information on various types of holiday you can enjoy in Thailand.
  • The best service – The Thai people are very service-minded and nothing is too much trouble; you can enjoy many fine dining experiences in luxury surroundings, Thai food is said by many to be the best cuisine on the planet; fresh seafood dishes on the beach, does it get any better? We don’t think so!
  • Escape the cold climate – There is no better time than the European winter to fly to Thailand; why not have a New Year wedding? All your guests would love to have a reason to escape the harsh winter; if you are planning for the start of 2025, you need to book your venue soon. If you choose the right resort/hotel, you won’t need to worry about accessories, as they have everything you need for a magical wedding reception.
  • Hire an English-speaking Thai lawyer – If you and your bride-to-be are both foreign nationals, you can marry in Thailand; you both need to have documentation from your respective embassies to prove that you eligible to marry. You will also need a translator and the ceremony takes about 15 minutes and you both receive a Thai wedding certificate.

Check out the Tourism Authority of Thailand website for up-to-date info on entry requirements and we feel sure that your wedding will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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