Handy Upgrades For Your Shower

We spend a lot of time in the shower, with each session averaging seven minutes, usually twice a day, seven days a week. It might not feel like that long, but that adds up to over an hour and a half a week under the nozzle! The shower is by its nature one of our favourite places, it not only cleanses but gives us a few precious moments of real ‘me time’ that we treasure in today’s hustle-bustle world.

Despite this, the shower is often one of the more neglected spaces in our homes. Without regular cleaning, grime and scum tend to build up, and the frequent use causes a lot of wear and tear on the fixtures so we have to call for leaking shower repairs in Sydney to stem the tide. If there was ever a part of your home that could use a makeover, the shower is probably it! Here are some fun upgrades you can implement to change showering from just another daily routine into a really luxurious experience:

Recessed Shower Niches

Let’s face it, those silly suction cup soap bar holders never stick for more than a minute or two, especially after you bump into it a few times, and you end up groping around for your soap near the drain, being careful not to bang your head on the taps! Any bathroom remodel project should include a shower renovation, and that’s the perfect time to install handy dandy recessed niches to hold not just the soap, but all of your shampoos, conditioners, scrub brushes, and body washes safely out of the way and within easy reach! You can install as many niches as you need, including one that’s higher up for the grown-ups, and another down low for the kids!

Shower Benches

These comfortable benches have become more and more popular, and are now standard issue in most newly constructed homes. You can choose between a long bench that stretches the whole length of the shower, or go for an out-of-the-way corner bench. There are times when it’s much easier to take a seat, especially when trying to reach the bottom of your feet with that soap bar, and a bench can be a welcome relief when you are tired after a hard day or if you are ill and need to sit down during your shower.

Grab Bars

Sometimes the shower can be a slippery place, so having something to hang onto when you need it can prevent a nasty fall! Installing attractive grab bars doesn’t just give your shower a real professional spa feel, they are also great for safety. Moreover, they provide the perfect place for you to hang a soaking wet towel, washcloth, or bathing suit to drip dry without getting the floor all wet!

The Australian Government has information on home renovations that may be of use to you if you decide to pursue these upgrades. We hope this article inspires you to make the shower your favourite place to be, even if it’s only for seven minutes!

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