Hard Floor Cleaners – The Future is Here

Seasoned hardwood floors are amazing and they do require TLC in order to remain in tip-top condition; while composites such as engineered timber, hybrid flooring and laminate also need effective cleaning. In this short article, we take a look at the features and benefits of a state-of-the-art hard floor cleaner.

Multi-functional equipment

If we are talking about hard floor cleaners, cordless is definitely the way to go. The device charges when placed in the holder and is ready for use. It has several settings for tiled floors, timber and composite floors, which means you have a single appliance that maintains all your hard floors. A high-density PVA polymer roller does its job very effectively, and with wet and dry cleaning options, you only need one machine to keep all your hard floors looking good.

Hygienic living conditions

Using a hard floor cleaner keeps the floors free of dirt and grime, which removes pathogens that your child or your pet might otherwise pick up. Dirt and grime can actually damage a hard floor, which is another compelling reason to acquire a state-of-the-art hard floor cleaner.

Automatic separation of solid & liquid waste

The ingenious roller system separates liquids from solids, making cleaning up a breeze. If someone spills a meal, reach for your hard floor cleaner and that’s all you need.

One hour running time

It takes 4 hours to completely charge the appliance and it will run for 60 minutes, which is more than enough time to do the whole house. Once the last room is finished, place the cleaner back in the holder and it automatically recharges, ready for the next use. Going cordless means no more tripping over cables; the appliance is silent and extremely durable, with a long product warranty. The silence is due to the fact that the device does not use suction technology, rather the special roller collects residue and stores it in the device. Click here for tips on creating a warm and inviting ambience in the home.

Wet/dry cleaning

Nothing brings up a hard floor better than a wet clean; forget the mop and bucket, now that we have an all-in-one hard floor cleaner that ticks all the boxes. A flick of the switch turns to dry cleaning; if you would like to explore the potential that a hard floor cleaner offers, search online for a leading Australian supplier of hard floor cleaning products and accessories. They would have several products for hard floor care, plus a whole range of accessories including cleaning products. Order online for the lowest prices and use Google to find and compare other products.

Cleaning modes

The latest generation of cordless hard floor cleaners can clean up:

  • Wet and dry hair
  • Dry spills
  • Dirt and dust
  • Solid spills

When looking at hard floor cleaners with a view to purchasing, do take the time to read the online reviews, which is a great indication of its performance.

Keeping the home clean prevents pathogens from impacting your health and with a cutting-edge hard floor cleaner, housekeeping is a breeze.

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