How to Deal with Your IBS Flare Up

An IBS flare-up will often feel debilitating. This condition is hard to live around and has many side effects to contend with. For anyone that suffers from IBS, knowing what to do when an episode looms over you is the best course of action. Some actions have a preventative intention and others are practical routes when a flare-up is already underway. One practical route to consider when dealing with an IBS flare-up is using incontinence underwear, such as the Tranquility Premium overnight underwear. This can provide peace of mind and comfort, allowing you to focus on managing your symptoms without worrying about accidents. Dealing with IBS looks different for everyone, but there are some universal options ready to help anyone in this position. Read on to find out more.

Diet Plan for IBS

It is good to address any symptoms of an IBS Flare Up by adapting your diet in daily life. Your body is going through something, and it is your job to support it with the correct nutrition to support healing and maintain good health. A gluten-free diet plan, for example, is strongly recommended for IBS sufferers because there will be less bloating to contend with generally and fewer agitative compounds to digest and process within the internal system. There is also specific tea for IBS products that may give your body a boost back to neutrality as well. Everything is worth exploring if it will have a positive effect on pain and symptoms.

Keep Track of the Triggers

Food diaries are highly recommended for anyone who is negatively impacted by what they eat. When you start a record of what you eat and when you eat it, you can map it more easily to reoccurring episodes and symptom flare-ups. The method is simple to start and once the habit is created, it will become an investigative journey and provide much-needed insight into what triggers you, and when you feel the worst. Write down everything you eat, and any physical signs that coincide to reflect on and implement positive changes. Typical triggers are:

  • Caffeine
  • Spicy food like chili and paprika
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Dairy


Exercise routines are great for general health maintenance. In the context of IBS, it has a positive effect on the stereotypical bloating that happens and supports healthier bowel functions as well. The focus should always be on body recomposition as opposed to any other model because this is the more beneficial route to take for anyone struggling in this area.

Focus on Stress Reduction

Stress is a leading agitator of IBS. It is linked to cortisol levels in the body and how your organs respond. The colon in particular is highly sensitive to cortisol. When you take active movements to reduce your stress and help the body and mind into more relaxation focussed habits, cortisol levels come down. This will do wonders for your health and helpfully reduce the negative effects of the IBS condition too. Finding ways to relax is not always intuitive. Try taking a long bubble bath, going for a walk, and being in nature, or find the perfect book or podcast to wind down with. Clear your space and your mind will follow.


IBS flare-ups are a severe side effect of a difficult condition to live with. Finding positive ways to manage this improves both the physical and mental health of the sufferer.

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