How to Keep Your Roses in Florida Fresh

Roses are one of the world’s most favorite flowers. They are beautiful and come in so many colors. Everyone has a favorite color and breed of rose. 

They are also very romantic and are often bought for that special someone. You could buy 100 roses from Le Boutique Royal to be more romantic. Your special someone would love to see them. 

This article will tell you how to keep your flowers beautiful and fresh. It will help if you are cutting your own from your garden or choosing them from a flower shop. You can also do more research to find information. 

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Choosing the Perfect Rose

  1. Cut Your Own Early in the Morning – Early morning is the best time to cut fresh roses. This will keep them from wilting in the sun. You also want to make sure that you water the flowers the night before to make them even fresher.
  1. Buy Cut from a Florist that You Trust – If you are not cutting your own flowers, choose some from a florist that you trust. Ask the florist which flowers came in that morning so that you can choose from the best and freshest. Choose them from the refrigerated unit because they are the freshest. 
  1. Squeeze the Flower Where the Stem Meets the Petals – This is the best way to tell if the flower is still fresh: If it feels loose and squishy, they are too old, and you want to choose another flower. If it is taut and firm, it is fresh. 
  1. Check the Flowers for Broken or Bruised Petals – Check the flowers for petals that are broken or bruised. You want to see well-formed, beautiful, colorful petals. If the petals that are broken or bruised are on the outside, you can easily remove them, but you can’t do anything about the petals that are in the middle. 
  1. Keep Them in Water – You want to keep the cut roses in water on the way home. This way, they stay hydrated and look good. If they are without water even for a little while, they will suffer and lose some of their beauty.

Preparing the Stem

  1. Trim It Underwater – You want to trim the stem underwater so that it prevents air from entering it. Getting air into the stem will allow the flowers to begin deteriorating. You could also trim under running water if you choose. 
  1. Hand Pruners or Knife – Don’t use scissors to cut the roses because this will pinch the stem. You want to use hand pruners or a knife to make a sharp cut. You want to cut the stem at a forty-five-degree angle to allow water to get into the stem easier. 
  1. Remove Leaves – Remove all the leaves from the stems. You want the part of the stem that will be below water to have all leaves removed. Leaves left on in the water will cause rot and bacteria to grow. 
  1. Trim Them Every Few Days – You will want to trim the stem every few days to make sure that they can still take in water. After a little while in the water the stems will become mushy, and you don’t want that to happen. Use the same technique that you used before to trim the stem.

Displaying the Roses

  1. Use a Vase the is Sparkling Clean –Clean the vase with warm, soapy water before you use it. You don’t want bacteria from other flowers to harm your roses. Scrub the inside carefully using a bottle brush.
  1. Fill the Vase with Fresh Water – Since roses take in a lot of water after they are cut, you want to fill the vase three-quarters full of fresh tap water. You then want to arrange them so that all the stems touch the bottom. You could also add some commercial flower food to the vase to keep them looking beautiful.
  1. Change the Water Often – Change the water in the vase every day to keep it fresh. Trim the stems at the same time and arrange them again. You could also add a tiny bit of bleach to keep bacteria from growing. See here to get a recipe for adding bleach. 
  1. Keep Them Cool – Don’t put your roses near the warm windows, find a cool spot to place them. You could even put them in the refrigerator at night to keep them cool. This will keep them fresher for much longer. 


Roses are beautiful flowers that you want to keep around you for as long as you can. There are many ways to keep them fresh. You can follow these steps and they can last you for at least a week after they have been cut.

These steps are easy to follow and won’t take you long to do. It will be worth it when you are looking at your beautiful flowers all week long. You will be able to enjoy them longer that way. 

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