How to Organize Your Packing List for a Long Vacation Abroad

Whether you are planning the traveling adventure of a lifetime and have been diligently saving your money to experience everything you possibly can during your stay or are re-visiting a foreign city you and the rest of your family absolutely adore, you do not want to forget anything. With that being said, continue reading to learn how to organize your packing list and luggage for a long vacation abroad.

Clothing for All Weathers

Firstly, always packing more clothing than you need is entirely understandable and perfectly normal. Most people usually return home after a vacation with many items that remained in the case for the duration.

You need to research the weather conditions and climate of the area and pack accordingly, striking a balance between items that will keep you warm in colder weather yet will not take up too much of your weight allowance on the plane.

Remember, of course, if the hotel or facility where you are staying offers complimentary laundry, this will naturally affect what you bring and how much. Additionally, check that where you are staying provides towels and other showering items again, giving you more room in your case.

Medicine & Health Care

As frustrating as it would be to forget your child’s favorite teddy bear, whom they can never go to sleep without, on your vacation, there are ways around this (even if it means forking out a fortune to have an identical bear shipped to your hotel).

Conversely, if you forget your medicines or your asthma inhaler or contact lenses, you will struggle to find a replacement even in the same ballpark as what you need. You don’t want to be worried the entire time about whether you will survive without it, but neither do you want to spend a portion of your vacation waiting for prescriptions. There are solutions to certain things. For example, if you are someone who currently wears glasses or contact lenses and, moreover, if you are a frequent traveler, then you should consider the laser eye surgery cost as a way of freeing yourself from having to remember your eyeglasses and associated paraphernalia.

Furthermore, check the US government website to find out if any vaccinations are required and if mosquitos are an issue within the area you are staying in (if so, pack that mosquito spray).


If you have not traveled since the pandemic of 2020, you will probably not be aware that things have changed when it comes to charging and using your mobile technology. Now, even though bringing a travel adapter or two is always a good idea, you can probably charge most things just with the USB cable, depending on where you are traveling.

Check with your mobile phone provider whether your phone will fully function in your destination country. However, generally, international usage is usually covered within a contracted package. Finally, make sure you write a physical list of everything you need, especially if you are traveling with small children, and start setting items for your vacation aside and packing your case as early as possible. Doing this will ensure that you don’t forget or miss anything important when it comes to actually packing for your vacation.

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