How to Wear a Tuxedo – 6 Things to Consider

When dressing for a formal event, choosing the right outfit is essential. Men can wear a tuxedo, a classic and timeless look that gives off an air of sophistication and elegance. But knowing how to wear a tuxedo right can be tricky, especially if you don’t usually wear formal clothes. In this article, we discuss some essential things to consider when wearing a tuxedo, such as getting the right size and accessories and knowing the rules for dressing. This way, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to rock a tuxedo with style and grace.

The occasion: 

When wearing a tuxedo, you must dress appropriately for the occasion. You can look for keywords on the event invitation, like “black tie” or “formal attire.” If the invitation mentions the word “formal,” it does not necessarily mean to wear a tux. In contrast, if it says “black tie,” men are expected to wear a tux.

It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the event’s timing. For daytime events, it is preferred to wear dark suits with toned-down shirts and ties. On the other hand, wear a tux for an evening event.

Buying or renting your tux:

You can buy or rent a tuxedo, depending on your budget and how frequently you attend black tie events. Moreover, you can get tuxedos from a physical or online boutique. Shopping at a physical store helps you get personalized advice from knowledgeable staff, and online shopping is more convenient. That said, check the sizing information and read customer reviews to find the perfect fit.

The tux jacket:

When selecting a tuxedo jacket, there are several vital points to consider. 

Style: First, identify your body shape and choose a jacket style that complements it. A double-breasted jacket can add bulk and create a more filled-out appearance for taller and slimmer body types. However, a single-breasted coat can make a sleek and streamlined appearance for shorter and broader body types.

Fabric: Wool is the most common fabric in tuxedo jackets, with silk or satin detailing on the lapel, buttons, and pockets. Wool is a durable and breathable fabric that can provide warmth in colder weather and help you feel comfortable during summer, while silk or satin details can add a luxurious and elegant touch to the jacket.

Color: The two most popular colors for tuxedo jackets are black and midnight blue. Black is classic and timeless, suitable for most occasions and events, while midnight blue is a stylish and unique alternative that can provide a subtle pop of color.

Measurement:  The measurements of the jacket are crucial for achieving a well-fitted look. The jacket shelves should sit slightly behind or on the wrist bone to allow the shirt’s cuffs to show. Shoulder padding should not exceed your shoulder tip to create a natural, flattering silhouette. The jacket should have only one button, fastened when standing and unfastened when sitting.

The shirt:

The shirt should complement the tuxedo jacket and pants, fit well, and be comfortable. When choosing a shirt to go with your tuxedo, keep the following in mind:

Material: The shirt should be made of high-quality materials, such as cotton or silk, to ensure it looks and feels luxurious. Cotton shirts are more affordable and breathable, while silk shirts are more formal and have a subtle sheen that makes them look elegant.

Color: The most traditional color for a tuxedo shirt is white, but you can also wear black or navy for a more modern look.

Collar: There are several types of collars to choose from, including the wing collar, the spread collar, and the point collar. The wing collar is the most formal option and is ideal for black-tie events. The spread collar is a modern alternative better suited for less formal occasions.

Cuffs: The shirt’s cuffs should be able to accommodate cufflinks. There are two types of cuffs: French cuffs and barrel cuffs. French cuffs are the most formal option, requiring cufflinks to fasten, while you can secure barrel cuffs with buttons.

Tails: Tuxedo shirts are typically longer in the back to stay tucked in throughout the night. The tails of the shirt should be long enough to cover your behind but not so long that they bunch up when tucked in.

The shoes:

Consider the following factors when choosing shoes to go with a tuxedo:

Formalness: Your shoes should match the level of formalness of your tuxedo. Patent leather dress shoes are the most formal option and are best with a black tuxedo for black-tie events. Opt for black velvet shoes when wearing a midnight blue tuxedo.

Style: Oxford shoes are the most traditional option to accompany a tuxedo. These shoes have a closed lacing system and a sleek, polished appearance. Alternatively, you can opt for a loafer or slip-on shoe if you’re going for a more modern look.

Color: While black shoes are the most traditional option for a tux, you can also choose a deep shade of brown or burgundy. Just make sure that the color of the shoes complements your outfit.

The accessories: 

The right accessories can add personality and style to your outfit and help your aesthetic stand out. Here are some accessories you can consider when wearing your tuxedo.

Pocket squares: These small squares of fabric can be folded in various ways to add a pop of color or pattern to your tuxedo jacket. Choose a pocket square that complements your tie or jacket. Also, consider experimenting with different folding styles for a unique look.

Cufflinks and studs: Choose cufflinks or studs that complement your shirt and tie, and opt for materials like silver, gold, or mother of pearl for a classic and timeless look.

Belts or suspenders: These accessories can hold up your tuxedo pants and give your outfit a unique touch. Choose a belt or suspenders that complement your shoes and fit comfortably.

You can add watches, bracelets, and other jewelry to your tuxedo aesthetic without making it too busy. Choose simple and classic pieces that don’t distract from the overall look of your outfit.


Wearing a tuxedo can be stylish and elegant for formal events but requires attention to detail to achieve the perfect look. Every element is crucial in creating a polished and sophisticated appearance, from selecting the right tuxedo jacket to choosing the appropriate accessories. By following the tips above, you can confidently wear a tuxedo that perfectly expresses your style.

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