Importance of Hiring a Veterans Disability Lawyer

Obtaining all of the necessary evidence for your disability claim can be time-consuming. Attorneys can help gather important documentation, such as private medical records and buddy statements. A skilled VA disability lawyer can also establish a direct service connection for a claimant by showing that their current medical condition is related to or aggravated by service. This can be done by submitting service medical records.


Because a veteran disability attorney is well-versed in the laws and procedures of the VA, they can provide an effective legal strategy for the veteran. They know how to bridge the gap between your personal experience and what decision-makers at the VA understand from reading paperwork or viewing a medical exam video. For example, an attorney with expertise in PTSD cases knows how to present the evidence that proves your symptoms are chronic, not episodic. They can also help you navigate the current three pathways of appeal – Higher-Level Review, Supplemental Claim, and Board Appeal – to ensure your claim is given the fullest consideration possible.

Note that current law prevents attorneys from charging for assistance with the initial filing of your claim. For instance, by hiring Berry Law, you can ensure your rights and entitlements as a disabled veteran are protected and upheld. These experienced professionals specialize in navigating the complex and often challenging process of obtaining disability benefits. With their expertise and dedication, you can have confidence that you will receive the compensation and support you rightfully deserve.


A veteran disability attorney knows the laws and procedures that govern the VA claims and appeals process. This knowledge is critical for filing a successful claim. An attorney can also help gather medical information to support a disability rating. This is important because the VA often requires precise information and may not accept a doctor’s report without an independent medical exam. An experienced attorney can also help you understand how the law applies to your case, including the legal precedents set forth by judges and the Board of Veterans Appeals. This information can help ensure you have the best chance of getting your full disability rating and earliest effective date. A disability lawyer can also take the burden of managing your claim off of you. This can save you time and money. If you are thinking of hiring an attorney, make sure they walk you through their agreement and that you fully understand the terms.


A good veteran disability attorney is familiar with the law and understands how to interpret medical evidence. He knows how to craft well-suited arguments for your case and has the time to devote to your claim. He also has the resources to meet all deadlines, which is especially important in the VA disability appeals process. He is also familiar with how the law changes and will know when a difference in the law applies to your case. This allows him to ensure that the VA is provided with all the information it needs, improving your chances of getting the earliest possible effective date for your disability rating. In addition, a veterans disability attorney should be dedicated to veterans cases and limit his practice to this area of the law. A lawyer who dabbles in different areas of law may have a different level of experience than you do.


Many veterans get over their heads with their claims and don’t know where to turn for help. Some end up hiring an unaccredited claims poacher or other well-meaning organization that doesn’t provide legal advice. VA disability attorneys must be licensed and have extensive knowledge of the law and how it applies to your case. They have worked on thousands of patients and follow new federal court decisions. They can help you file your initial claim or take over your appeals process after you receive a Notice of Disagreement. They also have great experience working with medical professionals and know how to present your evidence compellingly to decision-makers. Finally, they can stand up to VA officials who mistreated them or made unfair decisions. This helps to protect your health and finances in the long run. You can hire a veteran disability attorney on a contingency basis or pay them hourly.

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