Lifestyle After COVID19: How it Will Change the Way we Live?

Disruption is the new word in the town. Coined exactly for times like these, the pandemic has been a new fulcrum to build something new.

A new lifestyle!

In 2020, the year will be remembered as being the inflection point for multiple things in our life. One such thing is our lifestyle.

COVID19 was sudden! No one was prepared for it! Moreover, the end seems very far from here. With the new changes being inculcated daily, it is important to adapt to the new lifestyle.

It might hurt to read this, but the truth is, we are not going back to the pre-COVID19 era.

Our new lifestyle is what we should accept as it is going to stick with us for a long time.

This article mainly focuses on some of the paradigm shifts in our lifestyles. Moreover, we will look into the positive sides of this shift.

5 Changes that will be the new normal Post-COVID19:

Post COVID19, it will be normal to stay in your house during the vacation or work from home. Some of the major shifts in the lifestyle will be in the sectors of education and IT.

1. Work From Home will be a welcome change:

Across all the sectors, the Work From Home will be a new thing. It is very much accepted and this will give a wonderful beginning to a new era in the professional field.

Sectors like the IT sector will see a huge reduction in their expenses and costs incurred. Moreover, there will be growth in the EBITDA of the IT organizations, which will result due to the increase in the efficiency of the workforce.

2. Education will no more be the same:

It is true that education within the class used to be the best way out. But, this change will bring out advantages like easy access to classes and personalization of the classes.

The new changes in the education sector will be very revolutionary. Moreover, it is also expected to reduce the time needed for commutation from school to home.

In-turn the children can focus on other curricular activities, thus leading to the all-round development of children

3. Less Handshakes:

The era of handshakes has been murdered, officially by COVID19. Thanks to COVID19, people would prefer to go the Japanese way of introducing and greeting instead of the English way.

The new era will see people more reliant on contact-less communications. It will also inculcate fear amongst others when it comes to proximity, thus social distancing will be a norm too.

4. OCD will not be a joke anymore:

OCD was taken to be a joke back in the times when COVID19 was not there. But, now the hygiene will gain the topmost priority post COVID19. It is now clearer to the people that, if proper health and hygiene are maintained, we must be able to cope up with the mightiest of the viruses.

5. Fancy masks will be the new normal:

As much weird as it sounds, wearing the masks in the public scenario will gain higher traction.

A sense of safety and confidence will be more as business meetings will have the masks as mandatory apparel code. As time will proceed, this will also incorporate the increased use of hand sanitizers and glasses to prevent lesser exposure to viruses in the air.

As these changes will be incorporated, are these going to bring about a positive shift or not? This question is answered in the upcoming section.

Are these changes a positive shift in lifestyle?

As it might come as a surprise to most of us, adjusting to the lifestyle might be difficult initially. But as time will proceed, it will be taken as a positive shift.

This shift in lifestyle will enhance the increased consciousness and immunity of the body. Moreover, this will also help in setting a common standard of life-style across the major nations.

In case any further pandemic of similar sort strikes, we will remain very clear and well-prepared.

The major reason why we are failing to fight the virus now is our lack of awareness. This lack of awareness is leading to a lack of preparedness and this way, we have failed to grow an immunity.

If we build ourselves into this new life-style, we can protect ourselves from further such pandemics.

Bottom line:

The beginning point of every change has to be a disruption. Some disruptions are very strong to leave a lasting impact. Life post COVID19 will not be the same, but it will be changing for the better.

As we move ahead into a new era of contact-less society, there will be a growing boom of digital technology across numerous spheres of life.

Digitization of life and its enhanced penetration will be the next step which can take us to Industry 5.0.

Subhajit Khara is an Electronics & Communication engineer who has found his passion in the world of writing. With a background in technology and a knack for creativity, he has become a proficient content writer and blogger. His expertise lies in crafting engaging articles on a variety of topics, including tech, lifestyle, and home decoration.

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