Six Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Office with Indoor Plant Wall

Successful entrepreneurs know that their office is more than a business place. The workplace has the power to influence employee demeanor, performance, and overall, wellbeing, as revealed by numerous studies. As such, decorating the office should be carefully thought out to achieve the most favorable outcome.

If you are planning to redecorate your workplace, you may want to consider bringing a piece of the outdoors in your office by installing an indoor plant wall. Unlike the usual expensive paintings and pictures, you put on your walls, a plant wall offers more than aesthetic value. Here are some of the reasons why installing a living wall is a remarkable idea:

Makes the Workplace Inviting

Potted plants can make any office bright and cheery. Imagine how much more you get with green walls of beautiful plants? Plant wall decors can positively transform the room’s appearance instantly. You can even use this strategy to hide ugly walls and equipment to make any space inviting.

Apart from pleasing your sense of sight, green walls also benefit the other senses. Multiple research studies reveal how plants purify the air and improve odor. Living walls can also control noise pollution as plants and soils are effective sound insulators.

Improves Brand Image

Your workplace is a reflection of your company, which is why decorating is an investment and not a mere expense. When you have green walls, your clients will have a positive impression of your business, considering that people are drawn to nature. Moreover, your clients will always be in a good mood whenever they visit.

Reduces Stress

According to one study, twenty-one per cent of Australians did not report to work in the past twelve months because of stress. This study also revealed that seventy-six per cent of workers who feel anxious and depressed believed that their condition was due to their job stress.

These findings clearly show that work-related stress is an issue that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, a plant wall can help as numerous scientific investigations show how a mere single plant in the office can significantly reduce stress among employees. Imagine the stress-relieving effects of having not just a few potted plants but an entire wall of indoor plants.

Enhances Productivity

Apart from reducing stress, living walls can also help your employees to be more productive. One study by the University of Exeter researchers showed that having plants in the office can increase productivity by fifteen per cent. Seeing plants can help improve workers’ memory and focus, which helps them do their tasks smoothly.

Trying to enhance productivity as an employer has been quite the trend now. Please to inform you that there are several ways to appreciate your employees, and help increase their productivity through acknowledgment. For example, gifting employees is one such proven way. Small tokens from time to time can increase productivity. 

Improves Physical Health

Installing plant wall art in your office can improve your staff’s physical wellbeing by evoking positive emotions. Looking at plants can make people happy, more relaxed, and, ultimately, healthier. When you use green walls to beautify your workplace, you are essentially harnessing the healing power of plants. 

Boosts Creativity

As a business owner, you want employees who can think outside the box to get your company ahead of the competition. Stimulate your workers’ creative juices by adding living walls in your office. A 2015 study on the impact of biophilic design in the workplace showed that people who work in places with natural elements tend to be fifteen per cent more creative than those who work without such elements.

Given the benefits of installing an indoor plant wall in your office mentioned above, it is evident that this natural decorative piece is a much better investment than expensive artwork or antiques. With living walls, you can give your office an uplift while engaging your employees and helping your business grow.

Lisa Alther
Lisa Alther
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