Top 10 Lip Colors for Every Skin Tone

Lip colour is an essential part of any makeup look. It can instantly transform a bare face into a glamorous one, making you feel confident and put-together. However, finding the perfect lip colour for your skin tone can be quite tricky. With so many shades and formulas to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

To make things easier for you, we have curated a list of the top 10 lip colours that are universally flattering for every skin tone. Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, these shades will complement your complexion and enhance your natural beauty.


Nude shades are perfect for those with fair to light skin tones. They add a touch of warmth to the lips without overpowering the natural complexion. Opt for a light peachy nude or a soft pink shade, depending on your undertones. Fair-skinned beauties can also experiment with slightly darker shades like rosewood or mauve.


Coral is a fun and vibrant lip colour that looks stunning on those with medium skin tones. The peachy-orange hue adds warmth to the face and complements the golden undertones of medium skin. For a bold look, go for a bright coral shade, or opt for a muted tone for a subtle pop of colour.


Pink is a classic lip colour that looks beautiful on all skin tones. Fair-skinned individuals can rock light pastel pinks, while those with medium skin can experiment with brighter, bolder shades. Dark-skinned beauties can opt for deep berry pinks or fuchsia tones to make a statement.


Red lipstick is a timeless beauty staple that adds instant glamour and sophistication to any look. The key to finding the perfect red for your skin tone is to pay attention to undertones. Fair-skinned individuals should opt for blue-based reds, while medium and dark skin tones can rock warmer, orange-toned reds.

Plum / Burgundy

For a bold and dramatic look, plum or burgundy shades are the way to go. These deep, rich colours look stunning on those with fair to medium skin tones. Dark-skinned individuals can opt for shades with hints of purple or berry to complement their complexion.


Peach is a versatile lip colour that can work for all skin tones. Its warm undertones add a natural flush of colour to the lips, making it perfect for everyday wear. Fair-skinned individuals should opt for light, peachy shades, while medium and dark skin tones can go for slightly deeper hues.


Mauve is a beautiful muted shade that looks flattering on all skin tones. Its mix of pink, purple, and brown undertones makes it a versatile colour that can be worn for any occasion. Fair-skinned individuals should opt for light mauve shades, while medium and dark skin tones can go for deeper, more saturated hues.


Brown lip colours have made a major comeback in recent years and for good reason. This warm, earthy tone looks stunning on all skin tones. Fair-skinned individuals can opt for light brown or nude shades, while medium and dark skin tones can rock deeper chocolate or coffee hues.


Berry lip colours are perfect for adding a touch of drama to any look. The deep, rich tones complement all skin tones and add a pop of colour to the lips. Opt for shades with blue or purple undertones for fair skin, while medium and dark skin can go for warmer berry hues.

Rose Gold

Last but not least, rose gold is a gorgeous lip colour that suits every skin tone. Its warm metallic sheen adds a touch of glam to any look and looks stunning on all skin tones. Fair-skinned individuals can opt for a soft, shimmery rose gold shade, while medium and dark skin tones can go for deeper bronze or copper hues.

In Conclusion

Finding the right lip colour is all about exploring and discovering what suits you best. It’s not about adhering to strict guidelines or feeling limited by your skin tone. Whether you have fair or deep skin, the key is to be daring and try different shades. From bold reds to natural nudes, there’s a lip colour out there that will make you feel gorgeous and self-assured.

And if you’re still seeking a little extra oomph, consider lip injections in Utah for fuller, plumper lips. The end goal is always the same: to feel confident and happy in your skin, and there’s no better way to achieve that than by rocking a lip colour that makes you feel like a million bucks. Happy shopping!

Srima Khara
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