Top 15 Weekend Activities to Do with Your Kids

Spending time with your kids is one of the most important steps in being a good parent. The kid looks up to his parent for happiness and it is the duty of the parent to spare time for him. Becoming a good friend of your child is important if you wish to know him better. In order to become his good friend, you should have to allocate sometime in the day for him.

In this article, we shall talk about why you should spend more time with your kids. Moreover, if you have not yet made your mind up about this weekend, we shall share the 15 best activities. Spend your time with your kid doing these fun activities and help them enjoy your company.

Spending time with your kid is not just for fun.

Understanding that the mental growth of your child is an essential component is pivotal to parenting. Unlike believed otherwise, the child learns first from their parents. If there is a distance between the parent and the child, he might not learn the basic essential things. This is what makes spending quality time with your kids important.

You might have this question, whether it is still important to spend time with kids if they have grown up! The truth is different phases of growth see different changes within a child. Being a parent, we shall be always ahead of them in these phases, since we have lived them.

As the children enter the teens, it becomes very important to spend time and know about their feelings. Due to the growth phase, the children in these age groups often face hormonal changes and need someone to share things with. Being a parent, your child needs more of a friend and less of an advisor in this stage.

Overall, spending time with your kid is an integral part of your parenthood.

Reasons you must spend time with your kids:

Bond development:

When the child is young and tender, you can use this time to develop the best bond with them. Children are sensitive and through love, you can mold them to become the best version of themselves. Spending quality time with your children will help you to strengthen the bond with your baby.

Knowing your child better:

Understanding that every individual is different and appreciating it is very important. In order to appreciate it, you must spend more time with your child. You might find your own reflection of childhood in him, thus it becomes important to nurture his strengths by showcasing his good points to him.

Developing a habit:

When you start to spend more time with your child, you can teach them, in fun, about the best practices to perform daily life activities. It will help them to grow to be better individuals by incorporating the best habits in them. Moreover, once you develop a good habit, you can rest assured that your child will not be taking any wrong step once he grows old.

Playing and growing up with him again:

One of the most important things to understand while raising a child is that you have to again go back to your childhood. Understanding things from their perspective and finding happiness in those small victories with them, will also help you develop as an individual. Moreover, you will be exposed to an all-new perspective about life, that shall be defined by naivety, simplicity, and cheerfulness. Wouldn’t you love that?!

Activities to do with your kid this weekend:

1.  Fishing at the nearest lake:

While you might now know fishing is one of the most loved activities by kids. Moreover, if you want to teach your kid about the value of patience and the meaning of failure, you must take your kid to fish this weekend. As you might wonder, fishing is regarded as the safest and the most exciting activity by kids! So, get ready with the fishing rods! Hurry up!

2. Watching his/her favorite movie:

If you are willing to be a part of your kid’s team, you must have to love the things he watches. Spend this weekend watching your kid’s favorite movie or TV show with him. You can feel his joy and see him smile from the closest. Moreover, you will have a new topic of discussion with your kid.

3. Read a book to your child:

This is the third most preferred option for parents around the globe. Reading a book to your child is often the best way to teach him something, yet in a way that will not burden him. Take special care that the story has hidden meanings and is simple for your child to relate to.

4. Go window shopping:

Most often, while you take your child to a shop, it doesn’t remain window shopping anymore. But, you should take the risk and take him to his favorite toy store and secretly make a list of his favorite train game. Coming the next Christmas, make it up to him by gifting him the same and the smile on his face shall be remembered by you, forever!

5. Play an indoor game:

Often regarded as the greatest bridge to relations, you must always spare some time and play and indoor game with your kid. It will help you to develop a bond with your baby as well as will teach him the tough lessons of life, in a playful way.

6. Visit the Science museum:

A quick visit to the science museum with your kid to explore the various discoveries and applications of those scientific theories will be excellent. Introduce your kid to astronomy, space, marine life, and other aspects of science. It might help you to know what your child really loves.

7. Teach your child this weekend:

Showing interest in the academics of your child is an essential part of parenting. Teach your child and stay updated with the curriculum as it will help your child to grasp things better.

8. Camping at the site:

Just make sure that the site chosen for camping isn’t too far away and it is a fun experience. Stay safe during camping.

9. An evening walk is the best medicine:

Just before you plan to go for dinner, have a wonderful evening walk near your home with your kid. It will be refreshing for you both.

10.  Cook something special:

This weekend, surprise your child by cooking something special. But, what is the twist? Involve him in the kitchen too!

11. Be the repair guy:

With your kid, repair that old broken radio at the corner of your room. Be the mechanic for the day, with your kid being the assistant!

12. Water the plants:

Gardening is often referred to as the best stress buster. This weekend, enjoy by watering the plants and tilling the soil with your kid.

13.  Have an emergency drill:

Being ready for any mishap is very important. Teach your child for an emergency drill in case of an earthquake to protect himself.

14.  Learn a new language:

Learning should not stop at any age! Make the best use of this weekend to learn a new language together with your kid!

15. Clean your home:

Last, but never the least, a few hygiene lessons for your kid is always best in the long run! Grab a broom and clean the room, together!

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