What Color Do Blue and Pink Make? Check Out What I Found

Picking the ideal color combination for your home’s interior walls can be an interesting task yet sometimes frightening. Do you paint by yourself or hire a professional painter to paint your room’s walls? Last month, I decided to change the colors of my room to give it a new look. So, I hired a professional painter and he introduced and discussed with me certain color combinations. Finally, we decided to use darker shades of blue and pink colors for the room’s walls. However, we did not properly mix them, instead, we wanted to use the contrast between these two colors. I have also discovered that blue and pink colors complement each other very well.

But what color does pink and blue make when mixed? Also, you might also be curious to know about lighter and darker shades of blue and pink make what color when mixed. To see the result of what color do blue and pink make when mixed, I took the same amount of blue and pink from the paint buckets and mixed the two colors on white paper. I got a fascinating blueberry shade. Interestingly, the outcome would not always be the same. In fact, the color you get by mixing pink and blue together can change with the change in medium, shades of the colors, and also, the type of the colors.

Blue and Pink Make What Color: Mathematical Expression

To have a clear understanding of what two different colors make when mixed, we have to understand the functioning of the RYB color model in terms of these pigments. In the RYB model, the primary colors are Red, Yellow, and Blue. When two primary colors are mixed together, it will create a secondary color. For instance, if you are wondering what color does red and blue make when mixed, then the answer is: these two primary colors together make the secondary color, purple. On the other hand, red and white colors together make a pink color.

Now, apply some basic math to understand the color equations-

Red + Blue = Purple

Red + White = Pink

Therefore, Pink + Blue = (Red + White) + Blue

= Red + Blue + White

= Purple + White (Since, Red and Blue together make Purple).

= Lighter Shades of Purple

Therefore, if you mix pink and blue together, you will get a light purple color.

What Color Do Blue and Pink Make? My Experiment

When I mixed blue and pink together, I got a blueberry kind of color which means darker shades of purple. Theoretically, I should be getting a light purple shade. the reason I got a darker purple color is that I used darker shades of blue and pink. The outcome can change significantly with the use of different color variations for pink and blue and change in the medium.

Blue and Pink Make Different Shades of Purple

You can create a wide variety of purple shades by mixing different colors. The combination of certain colors will give you a lighter purple color like lilac or mauve, while some other combinations will make darker shades of purple like grapes or indigo.

How to Make Lighter Shades of Purple?

If you add an extra amount of pink or a little amount of red in the mixture of pink and blue, you will get a lighter shade of purple. Another way to make a lighter purple color is by adding a significant amount of white to the mixture.

How to Make Darker Shades of Purple?

If you increase the amount of blue in the mixture, you will get a darker shade of purple. To darken the color of your mixture, you can also add a touch of black to the mixture.


If you mix pink and blue color, it will give you a light purple color like lilac or lavender. However, if you mix just a little extra blue, you will get a darker purple shade. Now, you not only know blue and pink make what color together but also have an idea about how to make different shades of purple. Try to make your own color shades by experimenting with different colors. Above all, blue and pink make a mysterious and royal purple color.

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