What Color Does Red and Green Make?

Colors can truly evoke our emotions, influence our decisions, and sculpt the way we perceive our surroundings. While some colors are very popular for their vibrant appearances like red and green, interplay between different colors can result in another fascinating outcome. Mixing different colors is fun. Sometimes you will get stunning outcomes, sometimes you may end up having a frustrating result. However, if you know the positions of different colors on the color wheel and understand how they relate to one another, you can just play with the colors and have strong control over the outcome. Mixing red and green can be tricky as you can get slightly different results depending on the types of red and green and the medium you use. Today, in this article, we will offer you a complete guide on what colors does red and green make when mixed.

What Color Does Red and Green Make with Paint?

If you mix red and green paint, you will essentially get an unpleasant brown or grey color. Sometimes, you will end up having a mess after mixing red and green paint. The reason behind this is that red and green are complementary colors as they sit on opposite sides of the color wheel.

Another interesting thing is that green is a combination of two primary colors, blue and yellow, while red is a primary color. Therefore, when you are mixing red with green, you are creating a combination of three primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, which would eventually turn into brown.

Mixing Red and Green Makes Different Shades of Brown

Green being a secondary color consists of two primary colors, yellow and blue. Red makes purple when it is mixed with blue and makes orange when it is mixed with yellow. The combination of purple and orange creates a brown color. Therefore, the combination of red and green makes a brown color.

Fundamentally, the mixture of red, blue, and yellow will give you a brown color. However, if you want to create different shades of brown, you have to add certain colors or change the percentage of the primary colors to the mixture. Here are some ways to get different shades of brown color-

Creating Light Brown:

Creating Light Brown

If you want to create a lighter brown color like sandy beaches or coffee, you have to add a certain amount of white color to the mixture. However, to get a distinctively lighter brown color, you have to add a significant amount of white color. The addition of an extra red color can also give you a lighter reddish-brown color that is similar to the color of bricks and light wood.

Creating Darker Brown:

Creating Darker Brown

To get a cooler tone of dark brown color, you have to add a little amount of blue color to the mixture. You can add a dark blue color or increase the amount of blue color to make the tone even darker.

The Significance of Brown

The color brown signifies honesty, stability, and comfort. Brown color also indicates simplicity. Wearing a brown-colored dress can make you feel stabilized, protected, and grounded.

What Color Does Red and Green Make When Mixed with Different Proportions?

The subtractive color system involves mixing different percentages of pigments to create a new color. Mixing more colors makes the blend darker, moving closer to black. On the other hand, the additive color system involves combining different colored light sources to get different colors, which we will discuss later.

What Color Does 25% Red and 75% Green Make?

Mixing 25% red with 75% green will give you a dark brownish-green color known as limeade. This green shade is attractive and extremely pleasant.

What Color Does 50% Red and 50% Green Make?

The combination of 50% red and 50% green will create a brown color. If you want to get a brown color, you can simply add the same amount of red and green together. However, you can always experiment with the percentages of the colors to get different tones of brown color.

What Color Does 75% Red and 25% Green Make?

You can get a brownish-red color by mixing 75% red and 25% green. This color is a comparatively lighter brown color than the above two mixtures.

What Color Does Red and Green Make with Additive Color Systems?

Additive mixing is about mixing different colored lights. In additive mixing, red, blue, and green are the primary colors. If you put these three colored lights together on a screen, you will get a white color. However, if you only put red light and green light together on the screen in equal proportion, this will result in a yellow color. Isn’t it interesting? But this is the way light rays work.

How to Mix Different Colors to Make Brown Paint?

It’s not easy to get the expected result all the time when you are mixing different colors. Sometimes, one color can be very prominent in the mixture. As a result, you would not be happy with the result. However, if you want to create a perfect brown color, you should take an equal amount of red, yellow, and blue.

Instead of mixing red and green or purple and orange, it would always be better to mix three primary colors, red, blue, and yellow. When you are using primary colors in the mixture, try to make sure that the colors are pure. For instance, when you are taking red, there should not be any tint of yellow or other colors.

Should I Combine Red and Green to Create a Brown Color?

You can combine red and green to create a brown color. As these two colors create intense color contrasts and sit on opposite sides of the color wheel, you can mix them to get interesting results. However, you should experiment with the proportions of red and green to create the desired shade of brown. Otherwise, you can simply mix blue, yellow, and red to get a brown color.

Concluding Thoughts

So, now you know what color does red and green make. Red and green make a brown color when they are mixed with equal proportions. However, you can get a wide range of different shades of brown color, from light brown color to dark brown color, by adding different proportions of red and green. You can also add other colors like white or blue to the mixture to make it lighter or darker. You can create some awesome artwork by using a combination of red and green. So, open your paint collection and experiment with different colors. You will surely have a colorful day.

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