Why Recycled Plastic Benches are a Must for Public Parks & More

Recycled plastic benches are ideal for parks and public spaces. Their strength, long lifespan, and aesthetic beauty year-round make them highly appealing – plus they resist corrosion better than metal benches. Plus, maintenance costs are significantly reduced thanks to recycled plastic’s corrosion resistance – but that’s not all.


They are constructed using recycled materials and divert waste from landfills while simultaneously reducing our reliance on finite natural resources such as timber. Used widely across public parks, golf courses, zoos, gardens, transportation hubs and retail spaces they are exceptionally sturdy seating solutions designed to withstand heavy traffic as well as harsh weather conditions – providing great seating solutions in residential settings too!

They do not splinter, crack, or rot and do not require sealing, staining, or repainting like traditional wood benches do. Wipe-clean plastic benches make an excellent choice for children’s playgrounds or public areas where vandalism may be an issue (source: https://www.cpsc.gov/s3fs-public/325.pdf) providing easy maintenance with long lifespans that outlive their wooden counterparts.

Recycled plastic lumber used in the creation of these benches comes in many colors to mimic various types of wood grain patterns, usually composed of post-consumer and post-industrial plastics such as milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles. It’s made to withstand extreme temperatures while resisting moisture – thus helping prevent warping – with its UV stabilizer helping extend its lifespan further.


They are an effective way for public spaces to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, helping reduce waste, raw material usage and emissions during production while being both durable and cost-effective. Perfect for schools, parks, golf courses, zoos or gardens alike – made from recycled material they’re built for heavy traffic loads!

Plastic park benches are made with HDPE and LDPE materials derived from post-consumer waste such as milk jugs and detergent bottles, cleaned, shredded, ground, and melted with specific compounds (pigment dyeing for colour enhancement and UV stabilizer for UV resistance) before moulding into different shapes and hardening with heat. This environmentally friendly process creates high-quality products with long lifespans.

They do not rot, mould or attract insects like their wooden counterparts do; they’re impervious to moisture and warp from humidity as well as withstand temperatures ranging from snowfall to heat wave without warping; corrosion resistance allows them to safely be placed outdoors without risk.


Plastic benches can be found in many settings, including public parks, schools, golf courses, zoos and gardens. They’re also great for airport terminals, shopping malls and restaurants with patio seating areas. Made of post-consumer HDPE/LDPE waste (which you can learn about here) such as milk jugs and soda bottle waste that have been recycled at the end of their long life cycle – this makes these benches highly durable.

They are an eco-friendly addition to any outdoor space, as they divert waste from landfills. Made of sturdy weather-resistant material, these durable and weatherproof benches come in an assortment of colours and styles for any weather condition or climate condition imaginable – and are even lightweight enough for easy transportation in spaces needing flexible seating solutions.

Recycled plastic outdoor benches from us come with attractive wood grain finishes or classic metal park bench designs. Their frames are constructed of powder-coated, black cast aluminium frames while the seat and backrest planks are composed of high-grade, plastic slats for long-lasting beauty with many offering a guarantee with them.

Easy Maintenance

As our planet becomes increasingly ecological, it is increasingly essential that eco-friendly materials be utilized. One simple and eco-friendly option available today is recycled plastic benches made from recycled plastic lumber and featuring various styles and colours, they require little maintenance, are easy to clean and are termite resistant. This makes them ideal for public gardens, parks, country parks, motorway service areas or staff rest zones.

One of the main attractions of these benches is that they’re made from recycled plastic, helping preserve trees and limit landfill space. Shredded and combined with other materials before moulding into a bench seat and back forms. This process consumes less energy than traditional methods and produces fewer greenhouse gasses.

For example – one common 6ft recycled plastic garden bench that’s currently on the market is constructed using 24 recycled plastic lumber slats for seating and back support, attached to a heavy-duty powder-coated cast aluminium frame for easy maintenance-free durability. No cracking, splintering, rusting or rotting issues arise – making this an aesthetically pleasing piece and an integral part of any home or yard!

Many offer options like beautiful wood grain or smoothe plastic which give it a look that won’t require staining or painting. Their frames come in either steel or powder-coated in colours to match its slats, with stainless steel heavy-duty zinc-coated hardware as a standard feature.

These benches come in an assortment of colours and styles and can be personalized by custom engraving or printing – providing a truly distinctive way to spruce up outdoor areas while showing your commitment to sustainability. They’re great additions to public spaces that need to accommodate multiple people at the same time.

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