14 Tips to Improve Your Oral Health & Reduce Toothache

The state of your teeth can reveal a lot about you, serving as an identifier for some health problems. As such, all care is little.

Try to keep your mouth clean, fresh and free of unwanted germs and bacteria. Since carelessness can easily result in the emergence of problems related to poor oral hygiene.

So, today Dr. Khan: Dentist in Joliet IL shares 10 tips that will help you improve / maintain your oral hygiene.

1.Brushing Teeth:

Brushing teeth should be done three times daily, immediately following meals. This ensures that your mouth and breath are clean and fresh.

2.Use dental floss:

When it comes to combating cavities and gum inflammations, dental floss is one of your best allies and an excellent complement to brushing.

3.Brush more than teeth:

Your whole mouth may be the source of bad breath. Take for example the tongue or gums, which easily accumulate bacteria that provoke bad breath. Do not forget, always brush all the elements of your mouth.

4.Avoid Sweets:

Hard as it may be to ignore them, excessive consumption of sweets or foods with a high sugar content is highly harmful and encourages the development of caries-causing bacteria.

5.Eating for white teeth:

In order to get white teeth, you should avoid certain foods and habits such as coffee and tobacco, however, there are other foods like coconut, and apple, and kiwi and watermelon (among others) which will help you get white teeth.

6.The Toothbrush:

Everything we use and consume has an expiration date and your toothbrush is no exception. Replace it every 3 months to prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating.

7.Mark Inquiries:

Teething is something unique and will vary from person to person making certain practices beneficial or harmful to different people. Consult your dentist, consult with him about what best suits your needs.

8.Dental checkup:

Try to consult your dentist doctor 2 times a year so that you can perform a professional cleaning. These visits, when done regularly, are completely painless and fast.

9.Elixir mouthpiece:

As a way to finalize your brushing, use a mouthpiece elixir. They exist under different flavors and for different purposes,from combating bad breath to the whitening effect. Choose the one that best meets your needs.


Lastly we would just like to alert you to the dangers inherent in piercings. These consist of perforations inside your mouth,and although you consider them a complement to your smile, know that these are especially prone to the onset of infections and oral diseases.

Reduce Toothache:

There are numerous reasons why one’s teeth can occur. From cavities to broken teeth or even the birth of a wisdom tooth. It is therefore extremely important that you visit your dentist as soon as possible so that you can identify the source of the problem and start the appropriate treatment.

However, because life does not always allow us to go immediately to the dentist, here are some tips for you to mitigate your toothache.

1.Application of Cold:

Ice not only helps to decrease swelling and inflammation, but also relieves pain. Put it on the painful area, on the outside of your cheek and always protected by a cloth, for 15 minutes. You can repeat the ice 3 or 4 times a day.

2.Clove Oil:

This oil has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action which will relieve pain and inflammation in addition to helping to prevent an infection. Place two drops of the oil directly on the tooth, or a cotton ball over the tooth.

3.Bocheche with Macela Tea and Propolis:

This tea has an anesthetic and antiseptic action that will decrease the pain and clean your mouth. Prepare the tea with 5g of macela leaves in a cup of boiling water and let it stand for 10 minutes. Then strain the infusion and add 5 drops of propolis while it is still warm. Bocheche 2 times a day.

4.Give preference to cold food:

This is quite simple. Try to eat more cold and liquid foods and preferably no sugar. When you do not need to chew or get in contact with high temperatures, even if it does not relieve pain, do not aggravate it.

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