How to make Cotton wool sheep?

Art and craft activities always help to enhance the creativity and interest of kids.It also encourages them to be thoughtful and imaginative too. Indoor activities are full of learning, they are good for mind exercise.

This Cotton wool sheep is a simple and easy craft activity for kids to show their creativity and it helps to keep them busy. It would take less than 30 minutes to make a cotton wool sheep. Itlooks very fluffy and cut. This cotton wool sheep reminds kids one of the very common and famous poem which every child must have have heard and knows it by heart, called “Baba Baba! Black sheep”. Even little kids will enjoy making this cotton wool sheep

For making a fluffy cotton sheep we need:

• Pieces of black and white construction paper

• Some Cotton balls

• Glue

• Scissor for cutting

• 2 googly eyes

• Red yarn for mouth

• White crayon

Steps for making cotton wool sheep craft:

Step one:Take a black construction paper pieces and draw a small oval shape as face of sheep and four rectangle shapes as legs of sheep with the help of scissor cut out the oval shape and rectangle shape as face and legs of sheep. For cutting the shapes use the scissor very carefully.

Step Two: Using white construction paper draw a cloudy shape as the body of sheep take scissor cut out accordingly.

Step Three:Cover the body pieces of sheep with glue

Step Four:With the help of glue Stick the 4 legs into the bottom to the body of sheep

Step Five:Take cotton make some small-small round shape balls.

Step Six: Then combine all the cotton bolls glue it the rest body of sheep.

Step Seven:On the top of sheep body, Paste the oval shape sheep’s face onto the body

Step Eight:Glue the sheep’s eyes on the head.

Step Night:Cut the few inches of red yarn and glue it on sheep’s face to make smiling mouth.

Step Ten: The last and final step is cut a small triangle out of black construction paper for the nose of sheep and paste it to the face as a nose. Kids can easily do all this by themselves. Now the fluffy cotton wool sheep is ready.

Cotton wool sheep

This is sure one fun activity for your kids as this involves sticking and pasting works. This is one of the most favourite activity for kids.As we all must have observed this with our kids that craft activities that involve pasting and cutting are good for the development of a child’s fine motor skills. Other than this such activities develops imaginations, encourages retention of information through mental observations , improves the visualisation details and goals, and also helps a child in improving his/her concentration and perseverance in the task. Kids always love to do such activities with their parents. This helps the child in improving his social behaviour and language development. Not to mention improving ones self worth because of the success in creating the task.

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