How to make a Donkey Paper bag Puppet?

This fun indoor activity is suitable for younger kids and can be made easily by even a 2 plus years old kid. The Donkey puppet once ready can become one of your teaching aids and at the same time a toy to play with for your little one for rest of the times. It is really impressive to know how easily a donkey puppet can be made out of a paper bag and some other things. Here we give you the steps for how to make a paper bag donkey puppet:

Things needed:

  • Paper lunch bag
  • Felt
  • Yarn cut into pieces of1 inch
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Some Crayons
  • Donkey head card stock cutout

Step One: Take a small paper lunch bag and cut a few inches off the part that opens to make the body for the donkey.

Step Two: Now open the bag and push the ends towards inside to make it almost half its size.

Step Three: This can be a little crushed so make sure to straighten it and keep the corners sharp

Step Four: Now cut out four rectangles in the middle of each side of the bag. Once you cut them out you can easily see where the legs of the donkey will be.

Step Five: The Donkey we are making will be covered with a felt blanket on the back. To make its blanket cut the felt to cover the donkey’s back and keep it little extra from both the sides. The length here will vary depending on how tall a donkey you are making.  After cutting the felt, add some glue to the short ends of the felt. Kids can easily do all this by themselves. Further you can use some pre-cut pieces of yarn to create some fringe.  One can also use the leftover yarn from your knitting bag. You can make the donkey puppet look attractive and colorful by using different colors in felt and yarn.

Step Six: After adding the fringe to the blanket, ask your kids to put some glue on the donkeys back and sides to place the blanket there.

Step Seven: Now you can put the blanket on the donkey. And make sure that it properly covers the back. The kids love to place the blanket and stick it with the glue there.  

Step Eight: One can use a print out of the donkey head to be used here. You can print card stock and cut it out. You can do some detailing on the donkey head by drawing a nose, mouth and some lines on ears. Kids love to color the donkey head with crayons.

Step Nine: Now stick the googly eyes on donkey face and also make a tail for the donkey. Cut out a thin strip from the leftover paper bag, and stick some yarn at the tail with glue and place it there.

Step Ten: Now lastly put the head on the paper bag cut out. And here your paper bag donkey puppet is ready.

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