How to Make Crepe Paper Rose

 Roses are the best medium when it comes to expressing love. Be it a Valentine’s Day, your beloved’s birthday or any other special day a rose is always on our mind as the best gift. But a handmade bouquet made at home is always better than buying a bouquet of roses that may wilt and die in few days. Hence, it is always preferable to craft a splendid handmade bouquet that will last longer as your love for the person whom you want to gift those roses.

Crafting crepe paper rose buds are always a great choice for the beginner’s in this craft ,especially when you do not want to indulge into any complex activity and are also looking for a great outcome out of your effort. This sure is one easy homemade gift option for a loved one. 

Things needed to make Crepe paper Rose

A pair of Scissors

Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun

Wire Cutters

Double-Sided Crepe Paper– in Cherry, Raspberry, Pink & white

Extra Fine Crepe Paper

 18 gauge floral wire

Floral Tape– in Green.

How To Do It :

First of all collect all the material and tools listed above.

Cut your Petals Leaves and sepal as guided for cutting your crepe pieces. Ensure that you cutwith the grain of the crepe. 1 fold of double-sided crepe paper will get you 9 rose buds.

Curl both top corners of the petals with the edge of your closed scissors, carefully keep it moving in the direction of the grain. mildly stretch the centers of the petals to give them more cup-like shape. 

Cut the wire to 10 inches and bend its tip downwards, so that it makes asmall loop. Now start with the smallest petal, put glue at the bottom inside petal and wrap it around the wire loop.

 Now add some glue to the bottom of the next small petal and fix it to the base of the bloom.

Keep on doing so with the next two petals to wrap around the center.

 Subsequently add the fourth and fifth petals in the same manner.

Complete the bloom by placing the three more large petals.

Place some glue along the edge of the left leaf and keep your wire in the glue.

Swiftly cover glue and the wire with second leaf piece.

Put some glue at the bottom edge of the sepal piece now and wrap it around the base of the rose.

 Now next step is to cut a thin strip of green crepe and put glue over the top of the sepal and wire. This provides a base to secure the floral tape.

Wrap-around stem of the rose and leaves with floral tape that we have secured.

Now attach the stems of flower and leaf together by putting some more floral tape. 

Here we are ready with a beautiful bunch of roses with a simple effort.  You can use double sided papers and add in more colors to get some amazing outcomes. Just use different colour combinations to get awesome roses .Just be careful while using your scissors to curl the petals or you can do the same by using a pencil as well.

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