How to make an Elephant Paper Plate?

You ask any child to name an animal from the jungle; an elephant would be one of their most favorite names.  Elephants are really cute despite being one of the giant animals, especially a baby elephant. Elephants are known to be gentle by nature and are herbivorous.  An elephant toy is mostly loved by kids be it a stuffed toy or any other toy. So here we are telling you about a creative craft where you can make a rocking elephant out of a paper plate. Creative art is always helpful. The kids remain busy and learn a new thing and also if we are making a toy, they get an additional toy to play with and that too made by them. This gives them a different sense of satisfaction and achievement at the same time. Elephant paper plate crafts are really popular among kids and here we turn our paper plate into a cute little elephant. This sure is one simple activity that can be done using beautiful colors and the outcome is really amazing.

Things needed to make an elephant paper plate:

A Paper Plate
Acrylic paints
Sharpie markers
Flower craft games
A pair of scissors
Safety Cutter

Steps to be followed:

Step one -Take a paper plate and fold it into half properly

Step Two– Trace the outline of an elephant on one side of the paper plate.

Step Three– Make the color Grey by mixing different colors children love doing this especially.

Step Four– Cut out the two ears and Trunk while the color grey is being mixed

Step Five– Paste the Trunk And The Ears.

Step six– Now Color the elephant. You can also decorate the elephant using different colors which could be one of the festive looks.

Step seven– Now cut out the shape of an elephant as traced and leave the top part intact.

Step Eight– Carefully cut the part of the paper plate between the legs of the elephant leaving roughly 0.5” of the paper plate that connects the leg to make a runner.

Step nine– You can paste a gem in floral shape to give a decorative look to the elephant.

Final outcome – And here your rocking elephant is ready.

Note about the Craft:

As a creative art instructor, It is always fun to do such open end projects based on art which will give the children a wonderful learning experience along with a tint of creativity.  While teaching such creative things to kids one on one you get to learn and follow their creativity which can sometimes lead to a very attractive and different outcome from the one you had really imagined. Most kids love playing with the colors and mixing the colors is one of their favorite activities. Also in case of this paper elephant craft decorating the animal is another favorite part of the whole project that the kids would love. While you do this fun activity you will sure have some wonderful experience with your little ones.

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