Creative Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Cup Ornaments

This simple project creates a stylish and eco-friendly alternative to a traditional tree. Cut the cardboard into tree shapes, adorn it with lights, and add ornaments to the branches.

Use ribbon to fill gaps and create a visual rhythm on the tree. Choose a ribbon with a range of widths and textures for more visual interest. Feathers and floral picks also work well for a nature-inspired look.

Book Tree

Use your favorite books to create a stacked book tree for the base of your Christmas display. Sort your books by thickness and overall size, then work on a flat surface to line them up as perfectly as possible down one long edge. Add more books as needed to bridge gaps or add a layer to the bottom of your stack.

Snip long ribbon tendrils into varying lengths and colors for a more whimsical display. 

Turn a classic country item into a pretty Christmas ornament, like a pink Kringle cup ornament, by removing the springs from mini clothespins and gluing them back to back. Tie a bow on one pin for hanging.

Tree of Lights

Create a bright hat and a festive tree using a rainbow of colorful baubles. Mix it up with a few well-placed red ornaments for added contrast.

Fill the center of your tree with more giant, inexpensive ornaments, and then add medium-sized ones and small ornaments to fill in gaps. Add the most extraordinary and sentimental ornaments toward the outer edges of the tree.

Use ribbons as ornaments by wrapping them around branches. Then, twist the end of each ribbon a few times and tuck it into the branch to form a faux bow.

Give your tree a designer look by adding oversized, exaggerated items. Just make sure you don’t put them all in one spot, as this makes the space seem too busy. It’s to stagger the oversized ornaments and have them placed slightly apart.

Paper Tree

Ditch the traditional baubles and string up colorful homemade paper ornaments to create a festive display. You can even paint the ornaments to match your tree’s scheme. Add a ribbon or printed paper star topper to tie it all together.

Make your tree look designer by filling the branches with oversized exaggerated ornaments and accessories. Start with a few larger items (think lanterns, urns, and presents) at the base of your tree, then layer in more miniature ornaments from the middle upward. When adding large objects, like this wooden boot, use cable ties or floral wire to secure them tightly.

If you have a limited budget, consider using an empty glass jar or wooden box as your tree topper. Then, fill the container with ribbons and other trinkets to create a welcoming tree display.

Wooden Tree

For a colorful tree, spray paint round glass ornaments in various hues to fill the branches. Mix in a few extra disco ball ornaments to make the theme pop.

Search the fabric and trim store’s section for long tendrils of ribbon, rickrack, and pom-pom fringe to drape on your Christmas tree. Fluff the pieces and tuck them in to create an illusion of fullness.

If you have heirloom ornaments that have gorgeous detailing, group them to elevate your display. Ornaments with a lot of detail work exceptionally well on flocked trees. Use them to create points of interest and fill gaps in a bare tree. Add a custom topper to finish the look.

Bell Tree

The merry look of homemade ornaments is well-suited to a tree. Make a colorful arrangement using oversized paper-mache ornaments and add ribbon to the top for a festive finishing touch.

Give the classic red-and-green color scheme a modern update by adding a heavy dose of gold to your Christmas tree. Whether your tree is flocked or fully covered in glass baubles, you can make it shine with golden decorations and a shimmering star topper.

View it in sections and style each section independently to give your tree a more professional look. This will ensure that similar items are close enough. Long picks help to add height and dimension to a tree, so use them to fill in gaps and avoid a flat look.

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