How to Make Fruit Kebabs

Make tasty fruit kebabs with your kids! Fruit is much more appealing in bite size chunks and served up on a stick right?! Encourage healthy snacks with this fun food activity.

You will need :

4 different types of fruit (we used pineapple, orange, kiwi and strawberry)
Sharp knife and chopping board (adults only)
Bamboo sticks
Natural Yogurt


Peel, slice and chop up your chosen fruit into decent sized chunks.

Cut off the sharp point of the bamboo sticks using some scissors to minimize the risks which come with pointy sticks.

Help kids thread fruit chunks alternately along the stick. Remember to leave enough room at each end so you can hold the kebab. Watch you fingers.

Serve up with some natural yogurt to dip the fruit into. See steps in photos.


Constant adult supervision is needed.

You’ll need to use your judgement depending on the age of the child with regards to how much help you offer with threading. Be aware that although you have removed the point the bamboo stick can still splinter so take special care when pushing the stick through harder fruits where the stick can suddenly give way and hit a finger on the other side.

Make these kebabs with the kids sitting down to stop them running into anything (or anyone!) with their stick.

Anchor each end of the kebab with a solid fruit (like pineapple). Softer fruits tend to slide off.

Choose brightly coloured fruits which vary in colour.

Again, depending on the age of the child, you may prefer them not to eat directly from the stick. Show them how to slide the fruit off the stick and eat with fingers or a spoon. Its actually a lot easier and a lot less messy!

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