How to make a Fairy Wand

Fairy wands are great for fancy dress – especially Halloween and birthdays.

Make your own Fairy Wand with just a few craft materials.

You will need:

  • Drinking Straw (non-bendy)
  • White Card
  • Printer and Stars Template
  • Scissors
  • Coloured Tissue Paper
  • Stapler
  • Crepe Paper
  • Sticky Tape
  • Glue
  • Jewels or sequins
  • Ribbons

How to make a Fairy Wand

Print the two stars template onto white card and cut out.

Glue a small piece of tissue paper in the middle of one star and glue the second star on top. Make sure they line up.

Staple the points of the stars together with two staples in each point.

Slide the drinking straw in between the two stars and staple to secure

Cut a long piece of crepe paper about 2cm wide in a colour of your choice. Secure it at the top of the wand using sticky tape and wrap around all the way down the straw. If you run out of length, cut another strip, attach with sticky tape and carry on. When you reach the bottom, tuck the end of the crepe paper into the straw and secure with some more sticky tape.

Tear the tissue paper into small pieces and glue onto both sides of the star until it is covered completely.

Glue on jewels or sequins and leave to dry

Once dry, tie some ribbons onto the wand just underneath the star and wave away!

Tips for your Fairy Wand

Alternatively to printing the template, draw your own 5-point star by following these instructions. If you do draw your own stars, make sure the total diameter is at least 10cm (so set your compass at at least 5cm).

Use a coloured straw of your choice and avoid having to cover it with crepe paper.

You will need to wrap the crepe paper quite tightly around the straw to cover up any pattern on the straw underneath.

Stand the wand in an empty jar or vase before you start gluing tissue to the star. It will save it sticking to the work surface.

You can use whatever colours you like.

You do not have to use a star – you could use another shape like a diamond or even a square.

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