How Parents Can Track GPS Location of Teens Trip to School

Majority of parents feel uncomfortable letting their children go to school without supervision of an adult. While many parents prefer walking their kids to school every morning, it is a disagreeable act for many teens and tweens. The stranger danger and many other threats make parents concerned about their teens’ trip to school. It is alright to be worried about your children’s unaccompanied trips but giving some level of independence is also crucial to help them learn things. As a solution, many parents use tracking devices to track GPS location of their kids. While it gives satisfaction to parents, it also makes teens feel comfortable and independent.

A study has come up of Royal Children’s Hospital, that One in five of the parents electronically tracking kid’s location to remove their concerns.  . Poll director had a slightly different view, “the activity may not provide pre learning skill to the kids to safely make the journey. However, study also has come up with the scope that majority of the students don’t walk or ride to school. This article discusses how parents can track GPS location of teens using tracking app

GPS Location Tracker

There are several location tracking devices and applications rightly available. However, the easiest way to track the location of someone is the use of cell phone tracking app. Parents can track cell phones of their children to find their location. While there are many names to mention, TheOneSpy can be considered as the most reliable and effective app for cell phone monitoring and GPS location tracking.

It is a cross-platform app that lets you track smartphones running Android OS and iOS. It allows monitoring cell phones and tablets running different versions of above mentioned operating systems. The app is particularly developed for parents to enable them to protect their children from bullies, predators, scammers and other threats prevailing in the online and offline world.

How GPS Location Tracking App Work?

The GPS location tracker is needed to be installed on the cell phone of your kids. If your kid’s smartphone or tablet is compatible with the cell phone tracking app, you can easily download and install the app on the targeted device. You can check the compatibility of the device with TheOneSpy monitoring app.

After successful installation, the tracking app gets access to data stored on the phone and uploads it to the online portal of TheOneSpy. It also accesses the GPS location of the device and keeps updating the location on the online control panel the cell phone tracking app.

If you want to know the exact GPS location of your kid, you only need to sign into the online control panel of the cell phone tracker. It will show you where your kid is; what route he/she has adopted to reach school and all the details relevant to your teens’ trip to school.


The location tracking app of TheOneSpy also offers geo-fencing. It allows parents to mark several locations and be notified of their kids’ trips to these locations. For example, you can mark their schools or playgrounds or friends’ homes. The tracking app will inform you when your kid enters and leaves school, play area or friend’s home.

Identify Location

TheOneSpy is one of the most advanced parental control and cell phone tracking app which enables parents to operate the cell phone devices of their children without physical access to these devices. If your kid has not reached home on time, you can see his GPS location from the online control panel. Moreover, you can identify the location of your loved ones by turning on cameras of their monitored mobile phones. The tracking app lets you monitor surroundings of your children by giving you control over cameras and microphone of their android and Apple phones.

The feature of surround monitoring is named bugging. The end-user of the tracking app can create MIC bug and camera bug via online control panel. The MIC bug turns on the microphone of the monitored cell phone and lets you listen to the surrounding sounds and voices. The camera bug turns on the front and rear cameras of the device and lets you see surrounding scenes. By using these cameras, you can take photos and make short videos.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes, tracking the location of your kids is not enough. You need to take one more step to ensure the safety of your children. The cell phone tracking app provides great support to parents in safeguarding their kids from bullies, predators and scoundrels and making their trip to school secure. You can know more about the GPS location tracker app.  

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