How to Settle Your Pets into a New Home

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and frightening. Not knowing what’s around the corner and having to settle into a new place can be a challenge for even the most experienced mover. For pets, however, moving seems as if it comes out of nowhere and makes no sense. Unfortunately, your pets can’t be informed beforehand that they will be moving home and so the experience can potentially be unpleasant for them. If you are moving soon or have recently moved into your new home, here are a few ways that you can make the transition easier for your pets.

Set Up a Comfortable Space for Them

One of the earliest tasks to help your pet feel at home is to set up somewhere for them to feel comfortable and safe. Pets who live in enclosures, such as rabbits or fish, tend to feel at home quickly since the home has changed but the enclosure hasn’t. Dogs and cats, on the other hand, are usually unsure of new places and will need to have a dedicated spot where they can hide until they feel safe. This could be a cozy corner or a nook where they can absorb the new information around them at their own pace.

Start Small

Don’t expect your pet to behave normally as soon as they move in, and don’t hurry their settling-in process. Some animals are able to confidently accept new surroundings as safe and part of their territory, whereas others need time to investigate.

Expect Accidents

Nervous animals can pee with fear or uncertainty, especially if they can’t use the same toilet spot that they’re accustomed to now that they’ve moved. Try not to be angry if your pet has an accident and remember that they aren’t doing it out of spite. If, however, your pet is having more accidents than you think is normal, consider taking them somewhere like, where professionals can provide more detailed advice. For dogs, do your best to encourage a similar bathroom routine to the one from your previous home. With cats, use the same litter box and supplies to aid familiarity.

Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Pet

Another critical aspect to consider when moving is ensuring you have the right accessories for your pet. If your dog is on the larger side or tends to pull on walks, opting for a robust and durable dog leash is a wise choice. This can make walks more manageable and comfortable for you and your canine pal, even in unfamiliar surroundings. Remember, a familiar and reliable leash could provide comfort and stability for your pet as they adjust to their new environment.

Maintain Their Routine

The closer you can keep your pet’s routine to the one they had at your previous home, the sooner they will start to see the new house as their home too. Take your dog for a walk at the same time as usual and feed your cat in their usual dish with their usual food. Introducing change now can be overwhelming since you have already changed your surroundings. Familiar objects such as old toys, beds, leashes, and blankets can help to relax your pet. The scent of themselves and their family will soon overtake the new smells of the strange home.

It isn’t easy to see your pet in distress after a move. Be patient with their progress and let them take their own time. Eventually, they will feel more confident and return to their normal selves.

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