How to Throw a Birthday Party for Your Kid at an Entertainment Park

Discuss with your child what kind of party they want. This will help you decide who to invite and may narrow down decoration and activity choices. Find out if the birthday child has any food allergies, and make sure you have alternative desserts available. Cupcakes, ice cream, or cookies can be acceptable substitutes for cake.


The first step in planning a birthday party Santa Clarita is determining the guest list. Try to keep it small and include only close friends of your child. Then, determine what time of day works best based on your family’s schedule and what kind of food you will serve. You can make your kid’s party even more memorable by using decorations matching your chosen theme. For example, if you select a luau or pirate-themed party, use palm trees and coconuts to set the mood. You can also use giant yard games, such as Jenga and Connect 4, to add a fun touch to the event. Many entertainment centers have preplanned birthday packages that take much of the stress out of organizing the party. For example, a children’s museum may offer a package that includes museum admission, a private room for birthday festivities, and a guided activity for one price. They will also help you create a birthday gift bag for each guest.

Party Favors

Park birthday parties are convenient because kids get plenty of outdoor play, there’s minimal clean-up, and the venue provides all the entertainment you need. You’ll still want to bring a few party activities that reinforce your theme, keep kids occupied and give an easy way for them to remember the big day. In addition to classic pinatas and other games, consider bringing crafty projects, like superhero masks, princess or wizard hats, and paint-your-own pottery. Another fun idea is to purchase eco-friendly plantable favors that can be reused as a garden activity. You can buy miniature solar printing kits if your kid’s party is themed around books. If you prefer something other than traditional goodie bags, give kids baseball hats that won’t be dumped out and are a practical accessory for warm summer outdoor parties. Or, opt for a s’more kit with graham crackers, a chocolate bar, marshmallows, and a skewer.


Getting the decorations up for your kid’s birthday party is one of the most time-consuming parts of planning. There’s a lot to be done to secure the items that will go with the event’s theme, pack them carefully, and then transport them to the venue for the big day. Most parks have several things that can be put up to celebrate your child’s special day. For example, if you’re throwing your child a circus-themed party, you can get some balloons to adorn the area and then create a balloon arch for the entrance. Another excellent option for park-based parties is to set up lounge areas with blankets and pillows. Guests will love kicking back and relaxing as they enjoy cake, ice cream, or open their gifts. You can add to the fun by setting up games like smack-a-molly, where kids take turns smacking a pinata filled with sweet treats!


Amusement centers are an excellent option for kids because they typically provide entertainment and activities. For example, many locations offer laser tag and arcades for all ages. They also have food and drinks onsite. If your child loves dinosaurs, fairy princesses, or Frozen, you can celebrate their birthday in a theme park themed around these things. Decorate the venue with matching decorations and ensure guests know where to go by using signage matching the party theme. Skating rinks are another classic option for kids’ birthday parties. These venues require minimal planning and can accommodate most children’s skating abilities. They also allow parents to enjoy the party without worrying about keeping an eye on their young children.

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