Effective Ways to Deal with Dental Anxiety

Few of us enjoy going to the dentist, but this is a crippling fear for some. This kind of severe dental anxiety might stop you from getting treatment, or lead to you living in pain, or with permanently damaged teeth, which can harm your self-confidence and make it hard to eat. If you have children, this kind of phobia can impact their lives, too, creating their own lifelong fear. The good news is, even if you are terrified of the dentist, there are some things that you can do to make the experience more manageable. 

Find a Dentist You Trust

Many people find that their anxiety has a clear cause. It’s often a poor experience in childhood or a particular dentist that makes them uncomfortable. Whatever the cause of your fear, finding a dentist you trust can make a world of difference. Modern dentistry has progressed a lot, and most treatments are now easy and painless. With a friendly and approachable dentist Corbridge dentist, you can start to forget past trauma and build a new relationship. 

Ask Questions

A lot of us are scared of the unknown. If you need dental treatment, or even before your dentist starts a check-up, ask them to talk you through what will happen and ask any questions you might have. 

Ask for Longer Appointments

If your dentist knows about your anxiety, they’ll be keen to put you at ease. Making longer appointments will give you longer to talk about your worries, ask questions about your treatment and get comfortable. It also means you can stop if you need a break or because you are uncomfortable without worrying about wasting time. 

Take Your Headphones

There are typically specific parts of a trip to a dentist that make us uncomfortable, and one of the most common fears is the sounds of things like the dental drill or even the other utensils scrapping on the teeth. Wearing headphones can mean that you can’t hear as much, and most dentists will be happy for you to wear them if they make you more comfortable. They’ll just ask you to raise your hand if you need anything and tap you on the shoulder if they need your attention. Modern wireless headphones make this even easier. 

Attend Regular Check-Ups

Once you’ve found the right dentist and started to feel more comfortable, you must keep going to regular check-ups, even if things are okay. If you stay away for too long, you might find that your fears creep back on you, and you must start the process again. 

Try Meditation

Meditation and deep breathing techniques can help you to relax and reduce your anxiety. Practice meditation and deep breathing when you are out of the chair and in the comfort of your own home; it will be easier to do when you are there. 

Take a Friend

Having someone with you can help you feel safe and comfortable, and your dentist won’t mind bringing someone in with you. 

Attending regular dental appointments can improve your smile, reduce infection risks, and improve your confidence. Don’t let anxiety stop you from caring for your teeth and gums. 

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