Nine Fashion Trends You Need To Follow In Winters

This year’s winter fashion trends are made up of two distinct halves. You will spot spirited looks with the wearers swathed in black lace or corporate grey on one hand. On the other extreme end, you will also come across feather-strewn starlets who know they will be in the limelight and dress for it! But the minimalists shouldn’t be too disappointed with the styles that make it to this winter. After all, the highly sophisticated tailoring that every fashionista will be featuring will be perfect for those who love minimalism. 

But enough about the dichotomy of the styles. Now, we will take a look at some of the fashion trends that will be big this winter:

Neon Turtlenecks

The winter’s sun warms our spirits on cold days. But why wait for the sunlight when you can be your very own star? Brighten up your day and that of others by dressing up in a neon roll-neck. The classic grace of roll-neck comes back with this modern twist. You can glam up the look by pairing your top with contrasting colors. Or, you could tone down the fluoro shades by choosing a pair of dark colored trousers and boots. 

Waterproof Jackets

Winters usher in the vacation season just as summery days do. Do you have plans to go tumbling in the snow and skiing down a few slopes? Then select a waterproof jacket for your trip and look fashionable while staying warm. Choose one that is water repellant due to its synthetic fiber insulation properties. Of course, you’ll want a piece that also has zippered pockets to stow other useful items.

Seventies Style

The 70s are back with a vengeance! You will see everything from bell bottoms to vests making the rounds. Expect to see fashionable men in turtlenecks or corduroy. In fact, we say join in and purchase a Custom Leather Jacket for Men in warm, earthy colors. The look was seen on every ramp, including Michael Kors’ fall runway. According to Kors, his inspiration came from the days he had spent partying at the famous Studio 54. All models, whether clad in long, belted dresses with big, fluffy hair or the ones in shimmery dresses and gorgeous curls sported the studio’s logo.

Bodycon Dresses

Winter is usually associated with oversized coats, chunky sweaters, and layers upon layers of clothing. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion for warmth. Bodycon dresses are a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe, as they offer both style and comfort. And when it comes to getting variety and style, there are a lot of options for Bodycon dresses for women. These dresses are designed to fit your body snugly, providing comfort and flexibility. Besides, these are so versatile that you can dress them up with heels and statement jewelry, or dress them down with sneakers and a denim jacket

Chunky Chain Necklaces

We said the past was repeating itself and it won’t be less true for this next fashion trend. Chunky chains are in this winter because fashion experts are decidedly breaking the mold. Instead of the delicate necklaces that we are used to seeing, it is all about something bold. Whether your outfit is one of the most intricate dresses or casual as heck roll-neck and trousers, you can style it with a silver, gold or bronze chunky chain necklace. 

Faux Leather Earrings

Everybody and their fashionable aunt follow the fashion styling of Meghan Markle. One of her characteristic moves was to bow out of wearing anything that isn’t eco-friendly. Intending to follow her, but scared you’d have limited choices? Don’t be! Just look at this trending item. Faux leather earrings – and probably other items – will be hitting the stands this winter. It shouldn’t come as a complete surprise when celebrities, royalty like the Duchess, and various designers said they would be supporting cruelty-free fashion.

Honest-To-God Hiking Boots

Okay, so this might be more of an insta trend, then ramp-material. But isn’t real fashion what you and I decide to wear and then make it a popular choice? Just search #hikingboots on the social media website, and you will see what we mean. There are brands that have never manufactured hiking boots historically. These days even they are joining in the red hot trend and producing this specific kind of footwear. Doesn’t get trendier than that, does it?

Snakeskin Footwear

Speaking of footwear, winter isn’t the season for skiing and hiking boots. This year, especially, you will witness a lot slithering happening! We refer of course to snakeskin footwear. Don’t fancy a pair of shoes? Then go with boots and even sandals. Remember how we mentioned that cruelty-free animal skin is in these days? You may want to go with faux snakeskin instead of actual serpent-shed material. Stay guilt-free while strutting around in knee-high boots and a dress stolen right from the 70s. Or, pair your reptilian heels with black leather pants and a neon top. Since the viper skin isn’t authentically animal, you can also opt for shades that aren’t the tired and tested traditional color. Go with an out of the box shade, such as blue or pink, and match it with analogous shades for a truly arresting effect!

Buckle Bags

Don’t make a statement but be one by picking one of these Vogue 2019 Bags. If the Vogue’s bags aren’t really you, then buckle bags surely could be! It is soon going to be the freshest bag of the season. Here’s why: not only are the bags a beautiful accessory, they are also quite useful. Get a statement piece today to amplify any getup of yours. You can be as bold as wanted by picking one that has an oversize fastening right in the center. Or, choose something else that is more low-key. Either way, you will stand out in any bag-carrying crowd. 

Square Sunglasses

These aren’t the times when being square means not being hip! We all love basking in the winter sun, but when the rays hit the peepers, they can be blindingly bright. So, why not choose a pair of square sunglasses, protect the orbs, and still look perfectly polished? Now when shopping for your straight-edge sunnies, play with sizes. Try on a pair of large ones and see if they set off your facial features. If you don’t fancy them, then pick a more subdued option. Join the 70s crowd by selecting a solid black pair of square glasses that have quadrilateral edges. Then stow them away with care because like the 70s themselves, this style of glasses will keep coming back.

Final Thoughts

So what are you thinking? Get hold of these before it’s too late. These essential elements will not let you miss on the style and fun.

Know of fashion trends that we have missed out? Point them out in the comments for us!

Subhajit Khara is an Electronics & Communication engineer who has found his passion in the world of writing. With a background in technology and a knack for creativity, he has become a proficient content writer and blogger. His expertise lies in crafting engaging articles on a variety of topics, including tech, lifestyle, and home decoration.

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