Tips For Surviving The Stag Party

Stag parties are always a lot of fun for anyone who attends. As much as having fun is guaranteed, you are not always guaranteed to make it to the next morning in one piece which is why it is important to know all about surviving stag parties. 

Unless you’re still a frat boy at heart and you love to get wasted and show up to work with a hangover, stag parties and the endless drinking is not for you. Stag parties are a lot of fun but the tips below are for the folks that want to have fun but also survive in one piece till the morning after. 

Take It Easy

The sole purpose of the stag party or the stag weekend is not to down the drinks in one go, it is rather to sip and enjoy while you can so if you’re one of those blokes who are under the impression that you have to drink everything all at once and get trashed, you need to read up and educate yourself on surviving a stag party. 

 If you spend half the weekend sleeping or passed out, you’re going to miss out on all the fun, the good music and the free flowing drinks. 

Satisfy The Hunger 

We all have heard and experienced horror stories after drinking on an empty stomach so before you start pouring the drinks and start chatting up the ladies at the bar, be sure to order some room service and get yourself a greasy burger and some fries to go with it. 

Once you have some food in your system, it will be ten times easier to drink and not get drunk during the course of the weekend. The key is to give the alcohol something to absorb to and burgers work the best for some reason. 

Pack A First Aid Kit

Anything could happen over the course of this type of event so it is always best to come prepared. Be sure to pack everything from the best cold pain relief to the pain killers that you take for your migraines.

Packing a first aid kit is very important when you’re embarking on such an event. It will help you if you were to ever be in a situation where you needed medical help.

Stay Hydrated

You’re going to be dehydrated regardless of whether you sneak in some water from time to time but it is better than completely avoiding water during the weekend. The key is that staying hydrated will make the hangover more tolerable and easy to deal with. 

Beauty Sleep

If you really want to tackle the stag party like a champion, you have to turn in on time at a decent hour except for if you are going out on the town during the nights. The truth is, drinking alcohol and dancing all day can be exhausting and sleeping is the ultimate remedy so we recommend sneaking in a few naps from time to time before you turn into a mess of a human being.

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