How to Download Free Mp3 Songs Using Mp3juice in 2020

Nowadays maximum people stream online songs than download the song. But sometimes you need to download the song because you listen it at least 10 times per day or internet connection may be not available on every place you go.

Mp3juices is such a meta search engine from where you can download unlimited mp3 songs.It is also known as mp3juice or mp3 juice. Though sound quality of those songs are not good enough for your $500 headphone. Only 192 KBPS songs are available in this website. Still it has 3.31 M visitors only from US with a global Alexa rank of 2.60K.

Is it legal to use mp3juice?

This question is little bit confusing. This websites has many ups and downs on their journey. The main website has been shut down in 2014 by London Police. But this website is providing their services now from another extension .cc .

Actually this website does not have its own collection of songs. When someone is searching for any songs it fetches the results from different sites those are mentioned on the home page of this site like: YouTube, Soundcloud, VK, Yandex, 4Share, PromoDJ, Archive.

Mainly it shows maximum results from YouTube due to its huge collection. As this website converts those videos from YouTube and provides mp3 to user so this is against their guidelines. There is no problem if the song is royalty free means free for commercial or personal uses. But when it comes to copyrighted content then it is illegal to download and convert the song to mp3. That’s why some sites are penalized by Google also, for providing this kind of service.

So it is depending on both you and this website that which songs you download. If the song is royalty free then it is legal but when you are downloading a copyrighted material using mp3juice then both of you are performing an illegal activities.

How to download songs?

Mp3juice websites homepage
  • Type the song name in the bar and click the search icon. As an example here I am searching the famous song “Despacito”.
  • You will notice the search result below the search bar with a download option. By clicking the download button you can download the song in your device. Also there is another option available for listing the mp3 song online. song download option

Check the Infographic:

Music Download procedure from mp3juice infographic

Same type of sites like Mp3juices:

Due to the huge popularity of the main website there are some other websites live now. For the ranking benefit some of them are using this term “mp3juice” in their domain name .But those sites are not so good like the main website.

Here are some example:



Almost 3.31 M visitors are now using this website . But it’s true that they are going to close the service like the previous websites because all the songs downloaded from this website can’t be royalty free. Many artists promote their work on YouTube or other platforms. Streaming is totally free if you still want to download for offline listing then you need to subscribe premium packages of online music streaming apps like Spotify, Itune, Deezer. For commercial purpose usage you need to take permission or subscribe from the specific music production company of the song.

General FAQ:

Where to download free music?

The best website to download free music is It is a meta search engine for music search.It collect songs from different platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, VK.

How to convert YouTube video to mp3?

Just copy the YouTube video URL and paste it on website’s search bar and press the download button. MP3 version of 192 KBPS will be downloaded automatically.

Is mp3juice safe?

Yes it is technically safe when you download or convert a royalty free content.But it is illegal when you do the same thing with copyrighted content.

Is there any mp3 search engine?

YES,there are some among those mp3 juice is the best and easy to use.

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