Types of Bikinis and Swimwear Perfect for Your Body Shape

Whether it is summer or not, the beach is a top destination for most people. Why shouldn’t it be? Besides a relaxing vibe, it is also the perfect opportunity to flaunt that gorgeous beach body you have been working on all year long. It is no surprise that you were also checking out your possible bikinis online since it is the most convenient way to find that perfect swimsuit.  

However, you will find that not all swimsuits are equally made. As with all clothes, swimwear is specially made to fit certain body types. Although buying your bikinis online is an easier way to get the suit you need, you must assess your body shape before purchasing. Coverage is also a consideration. So, it is best to research what works and looks good on your frame. If you are not sure what your frame is, here are some of the most common ones. 

Pear or triangle shape

Do you have narrow shoulders, a small bust size, and broad hips? If you answered “yes” to all three, you found your shape! This body type looks like its fruity namesake – a pear that is proportional yet bottom heavy. The hips and upper thighs are wider than the chest and shoulder-to-shoulder measurements. The butt is well-defined and curvaceous. A one-piece, tankini, bikini tops and bottoms are the best for those with a triangle body type. Revealing necklines emphasize the bust. High-waisted bottoms emphasise the waistline. 


You can see this shape in classic figures, such as Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop, and Jessica Rabbit. If you have one, then you are probably the envy of all womankind. It means your waist is slim,and the medium or large bust and hips are evenly proportioned. You look like the silhouette of an hourglass. You can wear almost any swimwear created. Emphasise your curves with a plunging neckline and high-cut hip. Bikini tops highlight the bust, while ruffled embellishments draw attention to the natural arches of your body.

Athletic or inverted triangle body shape

“Broad” and “straight” are some adjectives used for people with athletic body shape. Well-defined shoulders, a toned torso, and narrow hips are its usual characteristics. Your swimwear should be dark-coloured at the top but colourful at the bottom. A plunging neckline emphasises the cleavage more than the broad-and-obvious shoulders. The legs can be the centre of attraction, so the sides of your bikini or one-piece should have either high-cuts or tied-sides. 


The plus-sizes have been around for ages, but only currently recognised as a size. Most women sporting this measurement want to hide or create an illusion for their midsection. A large bust can make heads turn, as long as it is given the proper support. You can opt for a plunging or fully covered one. Ruffles, shirring, and an elastic waist elongate the area and draw attention to your body highlights. Skirts hide a large bottom, and high-waisted undies give you an appearance that mimics the hourglass shape. 

Creating silhouettes is the key to wearing the perfect pair of bikinis or swim gear. Fortunately, there are many swim clothes online that cater to your every beach whim. 

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