Wedding Services You Might Not Have Thought About

There is a lot to think about when you are planning a wedding, and it can be difficult to make sure that you have every single aspect of your big day in hand. If you are feeling slightly lost when it comes to your wedding planning, here are some of the wedding services that you might not yet have thought about hiring. 


You might have your caterers sorted, but what about your bar? If you are planning a large evening event filled with dancing, the only way that you might be able to get people up on the dance floor is to ensure that the drinks are always flowing. 

If you do not think that you and your family will be able to serve all the guests yourself, you should consider hiring a bartending service that can manage this part of the wedding for you. Luckily, there are many companies that can offer you a bartender for hire—whether you plan to have a small or large wedding. This will make sure that you do not run out of drinks before your evening event has drawn to a close. 

Flower Arranging

Whether you plan to have flowers as part of your décor or you simply want to carry a bouquet down the aisle, you will need to hire a florist who can make sure that your displays are filled with fresh and beautiful flowers that can wow your guests and make your venue seem extra magical. 

This is especially important for people who love nature and who want their wedding to be as traditional as possible. Hiring a florist will also ensure that you can have the exact flowers that you want and have in mind at your wedding. 

Transportation Services

Getting your guests from A to B can be a nightmare as your guests may struggle to get from your wedding venue to your reception venue. If you are worried that this may cause complications, you should consider the services of a transportation company, such as car or minibus hire. 

This will ensure that none of your guests are left stranded and that there is no delay due to your guests finding it difficult to arrive on time to the chosen venue. This can also help to form camaraderie between the guests and can even make sure that all of the people who you value will be able to attend your wedding without any issues. 

Hair and Make-up 

Even if you are not a vain person, it is likely that you will want your hair and make-up to look its best on your wedding day, but you might be concerned about styling yourself, especially if you have a lot of other elements of your wedding to think about. Luckily, there are many hair and make-up services out there that can ensure that you look pristine on your wedding day and that you can banish any self-esteem issues or moments of self-doubt for this one day. This will allow you to feel good throughout you’re day and will ensure that you do not cringe when you look back on your wedding photos. 

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