What Color Does Green and Yellow Make When Mixed?

Playing with colors is something that fascinates me a lot. I like to experiment with different colors and combine them to get something new. In my leisure time, I paint almost everything in my room. Whether it’s the walls of my room, the legs of a chair, or even pots and cups, each canvas offers an opportunity for exploration. Recently, I painted a clay pot (for an indoor tree) and guess what color I used for the tree pot? I mixed green and yellow color together to get a lighter and brighter green color that suits the color of the tree. I was pretty surprised and amazed to see the result. So, what color do green and yellow make when mixed? Here’s the answer to this question-

Green and Yellow Make What Color When Mixed Together?

If you are wondering what color green and yellow make together then the answer is it makes a yellow-green color, very similar to a lime green color. Also called as Chartreuse. This color will give you the glow of yellow sunshine along with a refreshing green color. In the subtractive color model, yellow is the primary, but green is the secondary color. Therefore, the combination of these two colors will create a tertiary color or yellow-green color.

What Color Does Yellow and Green Make? The Confusion

If you go through different articles on the internet, one thing you will find is that some texts suggest yellow and green mixed together make a lime green color. Whereas, other resources state that green and yellow make a yellow-green color called chartreuse. So, why there are different answers to this question- “What color does green and yellow make when mixed?”. The answer to this confusion is that when you are mixing yellow and green color pigments, your result can differ depending on various factors, including the type and amount of yellow and green in the mixture. This is why some painters may obtain a chartreuse color, whereas others may get a lime color.

While many people perceive that chartreuse and lime green are the same colors, they are not actually the same. Even though both chartreuse and lime green are yellow-green colors, chartreuse is more yellowish and lime green is a more vibrant green color with less yellow color.

How to Mix Yellow and Green to Get Different Shades of Yellow-Green Color?

If you take 50% pure yellow and 50% pure green and mix them, you will get a chartreuse color. However, in most cases, you will find ingredients that are not pure. As a result, you will get different variations of yellow-green color. This is because the ingredients may contain other colors, like red and black.

To get a lime green color, you have to add more amount of green to the mixture than yellow. However, you can also naturally get a lime green color depending on the shades of your ingredients. If you mix a little amount of white in the mixture, you will have a very light green color, known as a mint color.

There are three main factors that can influence the final color of the green and yellow mixture, such as the quality of the pigments, the proportions of the colors in the mixture, and the transparency of the medium. For instance, the watercolor will give you slightly different results than the acrylic paint.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you have come to know what color does green and yellow make. Green and yellow mixed together make a yellow-green color, similar to a lime green color or an olive-green color. A yellow-green color adds liveliness and energy to a painting or design. This is why there are several applications of the yellow-green color in painting, interior design, graphic design, and fashion. Above all, the combination of green and yellow makes a fascinating yellow-green color that captures the essence of both colors.

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