Color Mix: What Color Does Red and Blue Make?

An interesting thing about red and blue is that they are both primary colors in both RGB and RYB color models. Therefore, it is obvious that when we mix these two primary colors, it will create a secondary color. So, what is that secondary color? What color does red and blue make when mixed?

Also, you can have different results when mixing red and blue, depending on the proportions and types of the primary colors and the medium. Then, how to mix red and blue to create the desired result? Here, we have the answers to all these questions. So, stay tuned with us.

What Color Does Red and Blue Make with the Subtractive Color System (Paint)?

The subtractive color system basically involves combining different color paints to make a new color. When red and blue are mixed together for painting, it will give you a purple color. However, it’s quite impossible to always expect a purple from the mixture of red and blue.

Mixing different colors correctly to get an accurate result is not an easy task. You can not just randomly mix different colors and expect a certain result. There are various things that you need to consider while mixing colors, for instance, the medium you are using.

If you are using paint as the medium, you can easily mix two colors, red and blue and get some kind of purple color. However, it could be a little difficult to experiment with pastels as the medium and get the desired purple result. Above all, you have to go through many trials and errors to get the ideal purple color from the mixture of red and blue.  Here, we will offer some important tips so that you can accomplish the anticipated result from color mixing.

How to Mix Red and Blue to Make a Purple Color?

The trickiest part of color mixing is that you will find different variations of red and blue color. Therefore, depending on the type of your primary colors, the color of the mixture will vary. For instance, you can get an ideal purple color if you are using pure red and blue color in the mixture. However, the mixture of some red and blue colors can create a dark color and that can be frustrating sometimes. As some blue and red paints comprise a small amount of yellow, you could end up having an unpleasant result after mixing them. The presence of yellow will turn the purple color into a brown color.

Therefore, when you expect to get a brown color from the mixture of red and blue, always try to take pure primary colors. However, you can experiment with different types of red and blue to get different shades of purple. Also, the type of paint plays a vital role in determining the end result. The color of the mixture notably depends on the paint type, such as oil paints, watercolor, and acrylic.

How to Make Different Shades of Purple?

You might not be happy with the purple color you get from mixing a red and blue color. In that case, there are ways to create different shades of purple color by making it lighter or darker. 

Making Lighter Purple:

The easiest way to make any color lighter is by adding a small amount of white. You can also make the purple color look softer and warmer by increasing the percentage of red in the mixture. This means the mixture will be lighter if more red is present in the mixture. 

Making Darker Purple:

To make a darker purple color, you should increase the percentage of blue in the mixture. Therefore, if the amount of blue is more than the red in the mixture, the color will become darker. Adding a little bit of black can also make the color look darker. However, while using black, you should be extra careful as a little extra black can turn the mixture to completely black.

What Color Does Red and Blue Make with an Additive Color System (Light)?

The additive color system involves combining different colored light sources to get a new color. Red, Green, and Blue are the primary colors of the additive system or RGB color system. The secondary colors of this color system are magenta, cyan, and yellow. If we combine red and blue light sources, we will get a magenta color. The color magenta looks like a shade of purple, but not a pure purple color.

Purple Vs. Violet Vs. Indigo

Some texts and even countries consider purple and violet as the same color. This is why if you ask what color does red and blue make, some texts will mention the violet color. However, violet is completely different from purple and it has the shortest wavelength. With the RGB color model, violet seems to have more blue than purple. While equal amounts of red and blue make purple, the violet color is a mixture of red and blue pigments and it appears to be somewhere between purple and blue. If you want to make a violet color, you can combine a 1:2 ratio of ultramarine blue and quinacridone red.

Indigo is considered a dark violet as it contains more blue than red, compared to purple color. Some texts also refer to indigo as a shade of purple. However, unlike purple, indigo and violet appear in the visible light spectrum.

The Significance of Purple

The color purple signifies spirituality, royalty, mystery, and imagination.  It can encourage, inspire, and enlighten you. The lighter shades of purple color indicate romanticism and nostalgia, while the darker purple colors refer to frustration, loneliness, and sadness.

Wrap Up

Even after reading this article, if you are not sure what color does red and blue make, it’s better you mix these two colors together and see what happens. If you take equal amounts of red and blue colors in the mixture, you will get a purple color. However, if you want to create different shades of purple color, then you can change the percentages of red and blue colors in the mixture. While an extra red will make the mixture lighter, if the amount of blue is more than red, the mixture will become darker.

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