Why Keratin Lash Infusion is the Future of Lash Treatments

Keratin lash infusion is free from thioglycolate, parabens, and ammonia, making it safer for your lashes. It is also formulated with oat protein, charged peptides, and vitamins, which give your lashes a healthy boost.

The lash lift process lifts your natural eyelashes from base to tip, similar to how a perm works. The best part? No damage!

It’s Natural

Keratin Lash Infusion is the ONLY patented authentic lash treatment that uses REAL KERATIN to lift your lashes and increase their diameter. Unlike industry-standard lash perms that use alkaline perming chemicals that break down the disulfide bonds in your delicate eyelash hairs, leaving them dry, kinked, and frizzy, our patented treatment uses a safe and natural formula to reshape your natural lashes without damage gently.

The best part about this treatment is that it’s almost entirely painless (you might feel a slight, tolerable tingling near your eyes as the keratin solution sets). It’s also a lot cheaper and less maintenance than getting extensions. However, it’s essential to refrain from waterproof mascara or a lash curler two days before your appointment so the lashes are relaxed and ready for treatment. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes or getting your lashes wet afterward, as moisture can alter the lasting results.

It’s Safe

A keratin lash lift is a safe way to add a semi-permanent curl to your eyelashes without using a harsh chemical perm. This treatment will leave your lashes more robust and healthier, as well.

Our patented process infuses natural keratin into each lash, strengthening and volumizing them. It also closes and seals the full lash cuticle, making it impossible to have curly or oddly shaped lashes. Lashes are left super hydrated and shiny, with no damage.

A lash tint is applied, making your lashes look darker and more vibrant. This tint is also safe and made of natural ingredients. After the lash lift and paint, we will remove the patch and rods, and your lashes will be ready to be shown off! We recommend not getting wet or using waterproof mascara for 24 hours after the treatment to keep your lashes looking their best. Also, it’s best to avoid oil-based makeup and cleansers.

It’s Fast

Keratin Lash Infusion is a quick, healthy way to give your eyelashes a fuller appearance. It’s safe for all eyelashes and a great alternative to mascara and extensions.

Once you’re done with your keratin lash infusion treatment, you’ll have gorgeous, natural-looking results that look amazing even without makeup! Additionally, you won’t need to stress about kinks and crinkles that often come with eyelash extensions.

The patented process infuses REAL KERATIN into your lashes, strengthening and volumizing them. It also closes and seals each lash, so you won’t have to deal with frizzy or oddly shaped lashes.

It’s Affordable

With a Keratin Lash Infusion, you can achieve the look of mascara without the maintenance or expense of extensions. It lifts and tints your natural eyelashes and nourishes them with biotin, lemongrass, and keratin. Its effects last up to eight weeks.

This treatment is an excellent alternative to getting extensions or wearing false eyelashes, and it is much cheaper than buying and applying mascara regularly. However, it is essential to note that this is not a permanent solution, and the result will wear out around six weeks after the treatment.

Our patented treatment infuses natural keratin into each lash, strengthening and volumizing them. The results are beautiful and healthy; over time, you’ll see longer and stronger lashes that are healthier than ever! Unlike traditional lash perms, which use chemicals that will damage delicate eyelashes, a keratin lift is safe for most people. However, it is still best to discuss your treatment with your lash technician and always choose a lash product that does not contain formaldehyde.

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