Are You Planning A Destination Wedding? Make It Cost-Effective In 7 Steps

India is a diverse country having a rich heritage and culture. Indians are known for their big fat wedding affairs. Earlier, having an extravagant wedding was a sign of strength, reputation, and wealth. Every bride, irrespective of her culture and caste, dreams of an exclusive destination wedding, involving their favourite people along with beautiful decorations and over-the-top arrangements.

But, for some people, meeting the destination wedding in India cost can be heavy on the pocket. However, you can make your destination wedding cost-effective by following specific steps.

Steps to Make your Destination Wedding Cost-effective

Step 1- 

Choose a location that will not be a burden on your pocket. There are many destinations like Darjeeling, Daman, Coorg, etc. which have lower footfall compared to renowned destination wedding venues like Udaipur, Goa, etc. The former places have beautiful properties with favourable pricing. You can also consider areas that are just at the outskirts of your city, which can reduce the travelling costs drastically. 

Step 2-

Some months are considered as the wedding seasons, where the vendors and wedding hall owners keep the prices at surge. Marrying during an offseason will fetch you colossal deals, relaxing the burden of your destination wedding cost.

Step 3- 

Do not arrange for extravagant decorations if you are choosing an exotic location for your wedding. The place itself will add beauty to your wedding. However, if decorations are needed, make sober yet attractive decorations with candles or minimum flowers. You can also use photographs to make the decorations look elegant. 

Step 4- 

You can always ditch the idea of renting expensive halls and choose to marry amidst nature. There are many unbeatable destination wedding venues under Rs. 20 Lakh that offer picturesque atmosphere. These venues will lighten the burden on your pocket and your guest will take home some unforgettable memories. 

Step 5-

You may have a long list of relatives and friends that you are barely in touch with. If you want to keep your wedding cost-effective, then remember to shorten your guest list. You can only invite people that matter the most to make your wedding crowd-free. 

Step 6-

You can use minimal jewellery, which will be simple yet sober. Too much of expensive jewellery will be hectic to manage financially. Always go for light-weighted bridal jewellery with prices being reasonable. Consider shopping from some trusted online sites as they provide bridal jewellery with price that is affordable. You can also opt for rentals if the need be. 

Step 7- 

Always go light on the makeup so that your skin can breathe while you are performing the wedding rituals. Search for parlours that provide affordable bridal makeup packages to keep the expenses pocket-friendly.

Nevertheless, you cannot ignore the fact that every destination wedding will need considerable investment. You are also advised to make a wedding planning checklist document to make it simple and execute easily. An easy option to fund the destination wedding india cost is to avail a loan. You can apply for a loan against property from leading financial institution and NBFCs to accumulate funds.  However, there are some specific criteria, like age bracket, CIBIL Score, etc. that you need to meet to be eligible for the loan. 

You can consider taking quotations from various lenders before you apply for a loan to fund your destination wedding cost. Several financial institution offer attractive interest rates and comfortable repayment tenors along with reasonable pre-payment and foreclosure charges. Bajaj Finserv has also introduced pre-approved offers to make the application process more hassle-free. You can check your pre-approved offers by providing minor details like your name and phone number. These offers are available on loan against property, home loan, personal loan, and many other such products and services. 

Advanced technology has made the application process more comfortable by introducing the online application process. You can fill the online application form that is available on your lender’s website. Once your application gets approved, a representative will visit you to collect the required documents. Post document verification and risk assessment process, the loan amount is disbursed to your account.

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