Mom, Dad, and everyone in-between: Why Kerala is the perfect destination for a family packaged tour

In May 2018, Kerala was bestowed with ‘best destination for families’ award. The place has also been chosen as the Best Family Destinations in the world and was given an award by Lonely Planet, an international travel magazine, and the award was announced in London. The State had also bagged the travel guide’s child-friendly destination ideal for the family award in 2014. Kerala has also been given other awards in recent years including best holiday destination in Asia in 2010.

This is how the place has earned worldwide recognition for its beauty and perfection, and the very fact that it’s one of the most ideal places in the country for a perfect family holiday. Needless to say, if you are an admirer of natural views, serenity, pleasing atmosphere than Kerala is surely the place to be.

In 2018, the Kerala Tourism also initiated the ‘Come Out and Play’ campaign featuring the State’s status as a family destination.

Its exalted hilltops, divine beaches and picture-perfect landscapes can make your trip with your family and friends a memorable one. An appropriate trip to family demands a pleasant atmosphere and a list of places that can be visited with family members of all ages and interests.

Kerala has places which are soaked in the natural beauty, something which a person of any age and interest will enjoy.

Place like Munnar which is located between natural beauty can be your first place to visit when you land in Kerala. This divine land has one of the most beautiful and serene landscapes, waterfalls, lakes and also huge tea plantations. It also has adventurous activities like paragliding, trekking and rock climbing.

The experience of sailing in the backwaters of Kerala is another must-have thing with families. Its chain of interlinked canals, lakes, rivers will show you a completely different perspective of the country. You may also see aquatic creatures and birds there which you might haven’t seen before!

Another notable thing in Kerala is Kannur. The place has sparkling beaches, Portuguese city and the ancient architectural work depicting the rich colonial heritage, something which families will truly cherish. All these places and sights will make your family tour to Kerala a magical one.

Talking about the capital of the place, Trivandrum can be your perfect picnic spot with your family. The city’s long shoreline, renowned beaches, historic monuments, backwater stretches, along with rich cultural heritage; it has everything to visit and enjoy with family.

Bird watching at the famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is another exciting reason why you should book your family tickets to Kerala. There you will witness a multi-coloured excess of different bird species, beautiful web of lagoons, lakes and rivers. And, above all of this is the wood carvings at the peaceful and divine Shiva Temple at Ettuman.

The local cuisine of this place is truly fresh, rich & unique in its flavour. You can try different food items with your family at several restaurant options available.

Kerala’s rich and vibrant cultural heritage is another important reason why Kerala outside other states in preference of family trips. The scenic beauty of the state, its lifestyle, tradition, real cuisine will make you fall in love with the place.

The localities or Keralites will always be so pleasing and helpful to you and open-heartedly show you the beauty of Kerala. Surely, this trait is not found easily in localities of other states. The classical dance forms of this state like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam and the martial art form Kalaripayattu are other intriguing things to see.

The way festivals are celebrated with great pomp and excitement, that would surely be something to enjoy with your family. Especially, Onam is the most important festival celebrated in Kerala in a very vibrant way and is popular in different parts of the world as well.

These are the few main reasons why Kerala should be your next trip with Family.

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