What Style of Kitchen Should I Go For?

If you have reached a time in your home improvement journey when your kitchen is next up to have a reshuffle, you might be wondering what it is you should do with it. Do you stay safe and keep the clean, crisp, minimalist style you have always known and liked? Do you throw caution to the wind and draw inspiration from the retro 60s to create a kitchen you have always dreamed of? Or perhaps you are thinking about embracing a ‘cottage core’ concept that makes you feel like you should be baking pies at every available opportunity.

The truth is, you can do a lot with a kitchen, and it is really up to you which style you think will make you the happiest and be the most practical and if you can make a sufficient amalgamation of the two.

This piece is going to take you through some kitchen styles for inspiration!

Sophisticated and Social

The kitchen is well known for being the hub of activity for many homes. Still, if you have little space and have decided that being crammed next to the fridge is not the relaxing afternoon break you would like it to be, you might want a style that accommodates socializing.

Realistically, creating a kitchen to be social in is less to do with style than it is to do with space, but a neutral and sophisticated palette can make a welcoming and tidy atmosphere without too much distraction. A sophisticated and low-key chic style can also be a little easier to maintain, as cleaning marble countertops and keeping an eye on one kitchen plant can be done in seconds.

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Homely, Lived-In Aesthetic

Many people are slowly moving away from the expectations to keep up with the Jones’s and having a showroom home and are opting for something a little more ‘real’. This has clearly started a trend movement for 2023, as the homely, lived-in aesthetic is on the cards to be popular.

Think pots and pans on display, mismatched mugs, cozy rugs, displays of personal possessions, and not having a full-on meltdown if someone has left the butter out.

Inviting this personality and warmth into the kitchen only makes it extra special when memories are made, and this style can be achieved with relative ease.

Start small, and plan where you want things to go and what cozy fabrics you would like to introduce.

Smart and Sleek

Smart appliances are everywhere now and have recently made their way into the kitchen to help aid people in their daily life. Whether you want to implement smart lighting, be able to control the temperature of a drink’s fridge, or want to check your air fryer while you are at work, these additions, along with a sleek, streamlined look, can make you feel like you are in a high-tech modern fairy tale.

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