How to Make a Pig Mask

Pig Mask

Make this Pig Mask as a quick and easy farm craft, or for a fancy dress costume.

Kids may need a little help cutting out the eye holes.

You will need:

Paper Plate
Pink paint and paintbrush
Printer and plain paper
Pig face template – Colour or Black & White
Hole punch

How to make a Pig Mask

Paint the paper plate pink and leave to dry.

Print the Pig Face Template and colour in if you have printed the black and white version.

Cut out the Pig face pieces.

Cut a round hole out of each of the pupils in the eyes.

Measure where your eyes are on the paper plate and cut two small eye holes using some sharp scissors.

Glue the Pig face pieces to the paper plate, making sure the pupil holes reveal the eye holes.

Punch holes into the side of the plate using a hole punch, either side of the eyes.

Tie a length of string, which fits snugly around the head, through each hole.


Lay the template pieces on the paper plate first to make sure you’re happy with where they are.

Get some grown up help when cutting out the eyes – it’s quite fiddly.
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